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Thread: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 5

    Quote Originally Posted by tony_montana
    *NOTE: This is going to be the best chapter so far! Hope you will enjoy it. And if you read it, then for the love of everything that is good on this earth, REPLY!!!! Anywho, lets get to it................................................ .................................................. ..
    The Wilkersons had only know the Griffins for a couple of minutes, but they were already getting into conversations with each other. Reese and Dewey started talking with Brian, the sophisticated talking dog. Malcolm was talking with Megan, the Griffins daughter. Hal had hit it off with Peter. The only ones not getting along were Lois Wilkerson(Lois W.) and Lois Griffin(Lois G.). But soon, they had all arrived at the cafe near the front of the airport.
    Hal: I think this is the place. Right, hon?
    Lois W.: Yeah. (she is still kinda glaring at Lois G. Read last chap. to understand.)
    Peter: Then what are we waiting for? Lets go!
    The two families start to head in. There are two bouncer type guys standing inside the cafe.
    Malcolm: Heres a good table.
    They all go to one real large one. Malcolm sits next to Meg. Peter and Lois G. sit next to each other. Across from them are Hal and Lois W. Chris is sitting next to his parents with Stewie, and Reese and Dewey are sitting across from Brian. Brian puts the luggage beside his chair.
    Brian: I appreciate both of your help.
    Reese: No sweat.
    Dewey: Yeah. So, what are you gonna do here?
    Brian: I dont know, maybe I can get a job tea........
    The two bouncers had walked over.
    Bouncer 1(B1): What is this?
    The others had looked over there.
    Hal: What?
    Bouncer 2(B2): What is HE doing in here?
    The bouncer points to Brian.
    Reese: Yeah. So what?
    B1: Im afraid he is a dog.
    Brian: Well, no shi...
    Malcolm(to camera): This will not end well. I can feel it. And I have a feeling that tells me Reese and Dewey will be involved.
    B2: Im afraid that he will have to leave.
    Everyone at the table starts grumbling EXCEPT Reese and Dewey. Reese jumps up, as does Dewey.
    Reese(yelling): Now wait a minute!
    Malcolm(to camera): Told ya.
    Reese: This is complete crap. What do you think he will do?
    B2: Are you questioning my judgement?
    Dewey: Maybe we are. I bet Mr.Brian is ten times smarter than you, idiot!
    Reese: Yeah!
    The bouncers are both pretty mad, but the second bouncer looks teetotal pissed.
    Reese(leans over to Dewey): You think that was the right thing to do?
    Dewey: Uhh....ye....no.
    Hal: oh, great......
    Reese: No! I bet me and Dewey can take you!
    B2: You think so tough boy?!
    Reese: Yeah!
    B2: ARHHHH!!!!!!!
    The bouncer jumped at Reese. Reese quickly moves sideways, making the bouncer hit a wall behind the table.
    B1: Why you little....!
    The first bouncer jumps at Reese, too. Dewey picked up his chair and whacked the bouncer in the face. Both of them are now on the ground. The families are looking at each other.
    Peter: What should we do right now?
    Hal: Heee..he..RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone leaps up and runs out the cafe door. Reese and Dewey are bolting out, as is Brian.
    Brian: That wasnt neccessary!
    Reese: Yeah it was!(they are all still running)
    Hal: The car is right out here!
    They all get outside to the car. Brian had managed to pick up the Griffin's luggage before they had bolted out the cafe.
    Peter: Hal, we cant all fit in your car!
    Stewie: I have an idea!
    The Wilkersons are all looking at him.
    Lois W.: So the baby can talk too?!
    Stewie: Yes! Yes! Now let me see the car!
    Stewie gets under the car sticks a little microchip up the car. (he had the mircochip in his pocket) The microchip all of a sudden turns the car into a big SUV.
    Wilkerson family: WOW!
    Lois G.: Hurry, lets get outta here!
    Reese happened to turn around and saw the two bouncers running for them.
    Reese: Holy crap!!!! Get in! Get in!
    The families pile into the SUV. Hal is in the driver seat.
    Hal: And were outta here!!!!
    He started up the SUV and sped out of the parking lot down the road. The bouncers stop in the parking lot. They are really mad. Reese and Dewey make faces to them through the window.
    Reese: HA! Eat that!
    Dewey: Yeah! Smell our du..
    Lois W.: BOYS! If I were the two of you, I would NOT be celebrating anything! You both are in for a heck of a punishment!!!!
    Brian: Miss Wilkerson, please dont punish them. They were only trying to help me out. I am sorry for all that. It was my fault.
    Lois W.: Well........I guess I can let the boys off this time. But the both of you better thanks Mr.Brian.
    Reese/Dewey:Thanks!!!!(they are both real relieved.)
    Hal turns to Peter.
    Hal: How about we put on some KISS?
    Peter: Oh yeah!
    Hal puts in a cassette tape of KISS. Hal and Peter are singing with it. Everyone else looks annoyed. Malcolm turns to the camera.
    Malcolm: Well, this was a very interesting first day with the Griffins. And the scary part is......its not even over yet!!!
    .................................................. ..........................................
    End of part 5. Hope you all liked it! The next part will be even BETTER! Please reply if you read! Im begging ya! Anyway, until next time, peace out!
    Whoa amazing!! How long did that take to do!! I probably couldn't be bothered to do it!! It shows tony_montana is a real big MitM fan!!

    I'm nearly up to 400 posts!!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    It seems like you have a pretty good idea going here. It's just that I've never seen Family guy in my life so I have no idea what those characters are like. If I was more familiar with the show, I would probably be into it more. I'm sure it's good for people who like both shows though. Just a suggestion...would be easier to read if you put a space between each character's lines so it all doesn't run together.

    I can relate to how you feel though. As a fellow writer, I know it sucks when you spend a lot of time on something and nobody bothers to give you feedback on it.

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    Thanks for your understanding. I appreciate replys. I intend to make the fic better and better as it goes along. I just want more people to reply and leave comments.

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    I liked it. It seemed to get more and more intresting by the second.

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 6

    *NOTE: Thanks to all who have read so far. The fun is not over yet. The story still has a few chapter left. Please enjoy this chapter. And PLEASE REPLY IF YOU READ! And another thing, some people say that they like this fic even though they have never seen Family Guy before. Well, go see a episode. It comes on Sundays on FOX, in fact an episode comes on tonight! (9:30 i think.) Go check it out. Itll make this fic alot better if you know who the heck the Griffins are! Anywho, to the story!
    .................................................. .................................................. .....
    After the fiasco at the airport cafe (read last chapter) the Wilkersons and the Griffins finally arrived at the Wilkerson household in the Wilkersons "new" SUV (read last chap.) The families were ready to go in as they had to endure a whole car ride to the house with Hal and Peter listining and singing to KISS tapes (they were the only ones who had a good time.) When they all got to the house, the families piled out. The Griffins were looking over the house.

    Brian: So...this is your house?
    Reese: Yep. This is it. Crap, huh?
    Brian: You should feel lucky. Our house was taken out by a stupid hurricane.
    Hal: Lets go get something to eat in here, where we wont have any table disputes.

    They all headed inside. Brian was bringing in the luggage with the help of Reese and Dewey. Malcolm was still in deep conversation with Megan about..stuff.

    Hal: Like it?
    Peter: Yeah.....kinda small. But its cool!
    Lois G.: maybe a little TOO small.
    Lois W. is mad at this comment.
    Lois W (under her breath.): Better than what YOU have.
    Peter: What was that?
    Lois W: Nothing! Lets go eat. The kitchens in here.

    Everyone goes in there. Hal starts cooking with Lois W while everyone else sits down talking.
    Hal: What will it be? Eggs, toast, pancakes, all?
    Everyone: ALL!
    Hal: Okay!

    After a while, the cooking is done and everyone is eating and talking.
    Lois W: So Chris and Megan will go to school with Reese and Malcolm. We can get them signed up this weekend.
    Chris: Mom, do we really have to sign up this weekend?
    Lois G: Yes, Chris.
    Chris: Awwww!!!!!!

    Meg turns to Malcolm.
    Meg: So whats your school like?
    Malcolm: Its...kinda...well.....it sucks.
    Meg: Figured.

    Brian is talking with Reese and Dewey.
    Brian: What do you kids do here?
    Reese: Nothing. EXCEPT cause trouble and blow everything up if possible.
    Dewey: Yeah!.....wait...what?
    Brian: Whos that?
    He points to a picture on the wall behind Reese and Dewey.
    Reese: Thats Francis, our older brother. And thats his wife, Piama, standing next to him.
    Dewey: Hes coming this weekend. He is taking all of us to a wrestling show thats in town.
    Brian: A wrestling show, huh? Like the WWE (trademark of WWE. i dont want to get in trouble. :-) )
    Reese: Yeah.
    Brian: Huh. Ill see if I can get some tickets for us (he points to the Griffins.)

    All of a sudden, there is a knock at the door.
    Hal: Ill get it.
    Hal goes to the door. He opens it to reveal....Quagmire, Peter's friend from Quahog.
    Quagmire: Hey! Is Pete here?
    Hal: Yeah! Come in.
    Quagmire comes in.
    Quagmire: Im a friend of his. From Quahog.
    Hal: Okay. Hey, Peter, there is a friend of yours here!
    All the Wilkersons and Griffins come to the living room.
    Peter: Hey, Quagmire! What are you doing here?
    Quagmire: I went into that "Adopt a family thing." I got adopted by those people across the street.
    Reese is kinda staring at him.
    Reese: You mean those two HOT babes that live right across the street?!
    Quagmire: Yeah! I hit the jackpot! GiddyGidddyGiddy! Alright! (if you dont know who this is or what this is that he does, than watch family guy).
    Lois W: But your not a family though. Howd you get in the program?
    Quagmire: I lied and said i had a family. Anyway, just wanted to say hi!
    Peter: Bye, man.
    Quagmire goes across the street. When he gets to the other house, he is greeted by the two women, who are really good looking blondes.
    Quagmire(faintly): Giddygiddygiddy!
    Reese is still standing there looking over across the street.
    Reese: That lucky bastard!

    LATER that night......................
    The families are getting ready to go to bed. They are standing in the living room.
    Lois W: Okayy............um.............I think that Peter and "Lois" can have Francis' old room. Uhh......Chris and Megan can pile in with the boys.....
    Dewey/Reese: Weak!
    Lois W: Shut up!!!! And Brian, if you dont mind, can you use our couch?
    Brian: No problem, mam. I.......
    Lois W: Its just...I really hate to have to make you sleep on the couch.
    Brian: Really, its okay.......
    Lois W: It just...well.....I hate for you to be uncomfortable.....
    Brian: ITS O-KAY!
    Lois W: Alright.
    Stewie: What about me, you old hag?!
    Lois W: Oh....can you bunk with your parents?
    Stewie: I suppose....(Grumble)
    Lois G: Its settled than! Lights outs, everyone!
    They head to their sleeping spots assigned by Lois.
    The boys and the Griffins kids head into Malcolm/Reese/Deweys room(hereby refered to as "the room".)
    Reese: My spot!(jumps to his part of the bed.)
    Dewey: Mine!(jumps to his part.)
    Chris: Guess Ill take this part. (gets to a open space.)
    Malcolm: Well...my beds right here.(he lays down.)
    Megan looks.
    Meg: There are no other free places.
    Malcolm: Well....uhh....take my bed, ill sleep on the flo..
    Meg: Its big enough for both of us.
    Meg climbs in too. Right beside Malcolm.
    Malcolm: Ha..heea...ahh......o..ookay.
    Malcolm turns on the last light that was on(a little lamp) He lays there for a second with Meg beside him. She falls to sleep, and when she falls asleep, she puts one of her arms on his chest.
    Malcolm(to camera): Ha...uhh....this can work out...I think.....uhh...yeah....
    .................................................. .................................................. .
    END of part 6. Hope everyone liked it. I am really gonna get it great in part 7. Oh and for some explanation. Quagmire is, if you dont know, kind of a pervert. Thats why when he gets "excited" if you know what i mean, he goes "giddygiddygiddy!" I dont know why. But he does that on Family Guy. Well, be sure to catch part seven. I decided to put the WWE in it a little (youll see what i mean.) I like pro wrestling(Undertaker all the way!) Oh yeah, those two wrestlers in the MITM beginning credits. That looks like Bret "Hitman" Hart and Chris Benoit. Am i right?

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! note

    Sorry i have not been here for a week or so. ill write the next part asap! If you read the fic, PLEASE review it!
    Also, I noted that the boys and the Griffins go to a WWE show in part seven. I was planning on Eddie Guerrero appearing in it. As most WWE fans know, he sadly died this past Sunday. I have decided he will still appear in the fic, though. It will be tributed to him.
    I want to send my thoughts and prayers to the Guerrero family. I am thinking of his wife and his three daughters.
    So long Eddie. You were a great guy. Viva la raza.
    Eddie Guerrero 1967-2005

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 7

    NOTE* Finally, part 7! Sorry for taking so friggen long. Just had to take a little break. Unfortunalty, it wont be until next week until I write part 8 because I will be gone for this whole week (Dec.4-11) I am going on a little trip. Wish me safety (or not:-) Anyway, this fic has the WWE in it, so I only thought it appropriate to dedicate this fic to Eddie Guerrero(1967-2005) RIP. Viva la raza.............................................. ..........
    .................................................. .................................................. .
    Sunday afternoon....
    The Wilkersons and Griffins are piled into the Wilkerson's living room, just watching tv. Lois W. and Lois G. are keeping a distance from each other, though. The doorbell rings.
    Malcolm(to camera): Hey! I bet thats Francis! He's coming to take me, Reese, and Dewey to a wrestling show. Even though it's kinda weird...Peter baught tickets for himself, Brian, and Chris.
    The Wilkersons run to the door and open it. Francis is standing there with Piama.
    Lois W: Francis!
    Francis: Hey mom. Good to see all you guys. We....(he looks inside the living room and sees the Griffins) Uhh...who are they?
    Hal: Those are the Griffins. They are hurricane evacuees.
    Francis: Ohh yeah. Mom told me on the phone.
    Piama: Thats was nice of you to do that, Lois. I bet they are nice, intelligent, peo.......
    Peter: Hey! Look at me! Im Pinhead! Heaahahahahahaha!!!!!!(he has a pin in his nose)
    Piama: Ohh.....never mind.
    Francis is getting his car keys. Malcolm, Reese, and Dewey are all excited.
    Francis: We gotta go if we wanna catch the show. I have our tickets and...
    Peter: We have ours!(peter, brian, and chris are standing there.)
    Francis: Oh. Your going, too?
    Brian: Yeah. Peter thinks its good for...male bonding...(brian shudders at this.)
    Reese: huh. I thought it was just to see guys beat the living crap out of each other.
    Peter(stands there for a sec,) yeah. That too.
    Later....They are at the show. They all have front row seats next to each other.
    Malcolm: You know, Im kinda thirsty. I wanna get a drink before a match starts.
    Reese: Me too.
    Francis: Thats fine. Just get Brian to go with you.
    Malcolm: What?! Francis, I think were old enough to..
    Francis: Look, if I let you go by yourself, mom will get pissed and have my ass for dinner.
    Reese: How will she find out?
    Francis kinda glances at Dewey.
    Reese: Right. Ok, Mr. Brian, will you go with us?
    Brian: Sure. Lets go.
    They head out to the concession stands.
    Meanwhile, backstage..........
    We see Eddie Guerrero(RIP) standing with one of the WWE referees.
    Eddie: Look, the doctor just told me my three tag partners have been injured by a backstage accident. So we cant have the four-on-four tag match!
    Ref.: Eddie, sorry, but we have to have the match. We cant cancel it! Its the main event!
    Eddie: Dammit! Look, let me go find three other tag partners.
    Ref.: Okay, but you dont have long.
    Eddie starts looking frantically. All the other wrestlers backstage are busy with other business and their own matches. Eddie is getting desperate.
    Eddie: I know it's a long shot, but its my ONLY chance.
    He runs up to the concession area......
    At the concession stands.........
    Reese is yelling at a vender.
    Reese: There is no way that were paying FOUR DOLLARS for a SMALL coke!
    Vender: Those are the rules.
    Malcolm: What about giving us a little discoun....
    Vender: Those are the rules.
    Brian: All we got is THREE buc...
    Vender: Those are the rules.
    Malcolm: Forget it. Lets just go sit down.
    They start walking back toward the area for the stands, until they see Eddie Guerrero come out of a door in the lobby in the concession area.
    Reese: Hey! Is that Eddie Guerrero!?
    Malcolm: Yeah it is! Cool!
    Reese, Malcolm, and Brian walk over to him.
    Malcolm: Hey Mr. Guerrero! Were all big fans and we....
    Eddie: Look, Im sorry, but I cant talk right no....
    Eddie looks them all over.
    Eddie(to self): They look pretty strong. I have an idea!
    Eddie: Hey, how would you three like to..uhh....have a "small" part in a match tonight?
    Reese and Malcolm gasp.
    Reese: WE can be in the show?!
    Eddie: Yeah, if you want.
    Brian: Look, I dont think its a good idea......
    Malcolm: Oh, come on, Mr. Brian. Its only a small part. Its not like were gonna wrestle, right?
    Eddie: Ha..ha...yeah...ha.....
    Brian: Alright. I guess we'll participate.
    Eddie: Great! Come with me!
    They head down to the dressing room....
    Later.........Its is near the end of the show, and time for the four-on-four tag team match. The team of Triple H, Ric Flair, Edge, and Big Show is already in the ring.
    Francis: Geez, where is Malcolm, Reese, and Brian at?
    Peter: Who cares? GO, TRIPLE H!(he honks one of those annoying blow horns)
    Chris: YEAH!!!!(He blows one, too. him and peter both do that stupid laugh together)
    Francis: For the love of......
    Eddie Guerrero's music starts.
    Announcer: And now, coming to the ring....Eddie Guerrero and his..."Tag Teamo Amazo"..?
    Eddie walks to the ring, followed by Malcolm, Reese, and Brian.
    Malcolm: Wow! Were actually in the show!
    Reese: I cant believe it! Were gonna be on tv, too! Maybe we can finally score some chicks!
    Brian: I still dont think this is a good idea.
    When they get in the ring, Francis, Peter, and Chris get a good look at them.
    Peter: Hey, is that Brian?
    Chris: And Reese?
    Francis: And Malcolm?!!!!! I hope to death mom is not watching.
    At the house....Lois W. has it on the channel. She is folding clothes, but Meg is watching the tv. The wrestling show is live.
    Megan: WoW! is That Brian? AND your sons?!
    Lois W. looks up and sees them in the ring.
    Lois W: BOYSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Back at the wrestling show........
    The bell rings, and everyone gets on the apron(right outside the ropes) The only ones left in the ring is Triple H and Reese.
    Reese: This is soo cool! I have wanted to meet you ever since......
    Triple H all of a sudden punches the living crap out of Reese.
    Malcolm: What the? I thought we weren't gonna wrestle!
    Eddie: Sorry.I needed some tag partners.
    Triple H picks up Reese and slams him on the match. The fans are all "ooing" and "ahhing".
    Triple H(to Reese): Whatcha gonna do, boy?!
    Reese: Muumm...(he is so bloody in the mouth that he cant speak)
    Reese's arm accidently touches Malcom, which means Malcolm is the legal man now.
    Ref.: Alright! Youve been tagged! Get in the ring!
    Malcolm: WHAAAA!!!!????
    Triple H picks up Malcolm and throws him in. Malcolm slams on the mat.
    Malcolm: OWWWW!! DAMMIT!!!! I thought this was all fake!
    Triple H: Guess you learnin a lesson!
    Triple H then throws Malcolm back in his corner. Malcolm accidently touches Brian, so now Brian is the legal man...or dog....:-)
    Brian: Oh Shi.....
    Triple H picks him up and slams him into the ring. Brian is hurt, but mad. His animal instinct kicks in, and he uses his sharp canine teeth and sinks them into Triple H's leg.
    Triple: You piece of crap!
    Triple H cant move with Brian's teeth sunk in his leg. Brian sees that Malcolm and Reese are recovered. He waves for them to get in the ring. They climb in, and both of them are mad.
    Malcolm: Our turn!
    Reese: Ummmph!!!(his mouth still is clogged with blood from the punch)
    Reese and Malcolm jump in the ring and both run at Triple H. They both clothsline him. He falls to the mat. All of a sudden, Triple H's teammates come in the ring. A big fight ensues between Triple H's team and Reese,Malcolm,and Brian. Triple H's team is mainly beating the crap out of them. The fight goes outside the ring. Triple H is left lying on the mat, alone. Eddie sees his chance and goes for the pin. He gets it and wins the match.
    Announcer: Ladies and gents! Your winner....Eddie Guerrero and his Tag Teamo Amazo!
    The fight(or beating has stopped) outside the ring. The loosers all go backstage. Reese, Malcolm, and Brian hobble inside the ring. They all have the crap beat out of them, but they are happy none the less.
    Eddie(he has a microphone) Yeah! Thats what happens when you mess with us! Right?
    Reese(in the mic.he coughs some blood but then goes): Yeah! If you smeellllll what THE REESE is..cookin!
    Francis is laying as low as he can in his seat.
    Francis: PLEASE, I hope mom didnt watch....please.....
    LATER...they get to the house. The boys and Brian are pretty happy about thier "Victory". Dewey is pissed because he wanted to wrestle, too. Peter and Chris thought it was neat. Francis is worried about Lois.
    Malcolm(to camera): Well, that turned out great! We were actually in a match, and our team won! What can mess that up?
    They open the door to a VERY ANGRY Lois. Hal is right behind her.
    Hal(in his timid voice when Lois is mad): Congrats..guys...
    Lois: IN..THE..HOUSE!
    Malcolm(to camera): Damn. I spoke too soon.......
    THE END of part 7.
    *Hope everyone liked it! Sorry if it was too long, but I had fun writing this part. I think this is the best part yet! PLEASE, IF YOU READ, LEAVE A REPLY!!!! Part 8 will be posted next Sunday when I return. Have a great week!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 7

    Wasnt here for #1 to 6, but #7 was damn funny. You have SOME talent there, keep it up

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 8

    *Note: Those of you who read part 7-hope it was great! But I once again noticed its getting a bunch of views but no replys. Why? I kindly ask for replies after you read but I dont get any. So PLEASE, IF YOU READ THESE, REPLY! I love hearing what the readers think! It gives me "juice" if you will to write another part, especially if people say they loved the previous one. Sermon over, just reply after you read. Thanks! .................................................. .................................................. ...
    It was Sunday night at the Wilkerson house, just a little while after the wrestling match that Malcolm, Reese, and Brian were involved in. Malcolm and Reese had earned two weeks grounding, but they were pretty happy, as they saw it as a way to "score chicks." Everyone was at the table eating dinner. Lois W. was still pissed at the boys, so it was pretty quiet. Hal slowly ate his last roll, and wanted another, but was afraid to speak up. Hal looked at the rolls a few times, and gathered the strength to speak.
    Hal: Um.....could someone pass the rolls?..
    Lois W. picks the plate with the rolls and shoves it in front of Hal.
    Hal: Thanksss......(he takes one.)
    Lois W: Welcolme. Reese, Malcolm,(they looked up at her, as they thought they were going to get another scolding) Chris and Megan will be starting school with the two of you tommarow. I want you two to show them around and such.
    Reese: Dont worry.
    Malcolm: Yeah, it'll be fine.
    Lois: If you do well, Ill knock off 2 hours from your ground time.
    Reese and Malcolm groan. Brian is reading a paper. There is a job for English teacher at the Middle School.
    Brian: I could do that. Maybe Ill check that tommarow.
    Lois W: Alright. I think it's time for bed. We got a long day tommarow.
    As everyone is going to their respective places, Peter walks up to Hal.
    Peter: Hey Hal, you think you could show me where a bar is around here tommarow night?
    Hal: Yeah, I know a place. Ill take you there tommarow.
    Everyone goes to bed.....
    Monday morning....
    Everyone is bustling around. Brian is driving the Griffin's car and taking Dewey to the middle school. Reese and Malcolm are going with Chris and Megan to the high school. Lois and Hal are going to work.
    At the middle school........
    Brian is walking with Dewey to the main office.
    Brian: Guess this is it?
    Dewey: Yep. You have to talk with the principal for any jobs. Watch out, though. He's kinda a jerk. He yells a lot.
    Brian: Great.........
    Dewey: I gotta go to class. See ya!(he runs off before he's late). Brian knocks on the office door.
    Voice: COME-IN!!!!
    Brian walks in slowly. The principal is standing there. Brian sees the heading on his desk, which reads:Principal Forkoner.
    P.Forkoner: sit-DOWN!!!!
    Brian takes a seat very quickly in a chair in front of the desk.
    P.Forkoner: Would you like some COFFEE!!!????
    Brian: Umm...no......thanks...
    P.Forkoner: Fine. Leaves more for ME!!!!!(he takes a huge swig of coffee from the container it's in.)
    Brian(thinking): Now I know why this guy yells.
    P.Forkoner: What can I DO for YOU today?
    Brian: Im enquring about the job of engli......
    P.Forkoner: I was in DESERT STORM!!!!!!
    Brian: What?
    P.Forkoner: I got MEDALS to prove IT!!!!!!
    Brian: You know what, Ill just come back some other ti....
    P.Forkoner: YOU got the JOB,son!!!!!
    Brian: I do?
    P.Forkoner: AM I speakin FRENCHENNEESSE!? YOU got the JOB!!!!
    Brian: Umm.....ok.....when do I start?
    P.Forkoner: right NOW!!!! GET TO CLASS AND TEACH, DAMMIT!!!
    Brian takes a paper Forkoner hands him and dashes out of the class. He finds the room, which happens to be the class Dewey's in. Brian goes in slowly.
    Brian: Um...hey...kids...Im your new...English teacher.
    The kids are just looking at him. Dewey is pretty happy.
    Dewey: Hey, Mr.Brian!
    Brian: Dewey! Your in here! Thank God! Okay class, lets begin................
    At the High School......
    With Chris and Megan in tow, Reese and Malcolm strut into the school grounds. All the kids are clapping and whistling, since they all knew Reese and Malcolm had been on the wrestling show.
    Reese: Cool.(he has that stupid grin on his face)
    Malcolm(to camera): This is soo cool! Were like the hometown heroes now! Just because of the wrestling show!
    Two of the schools hottest girls approach Reese and Malcolm.
    Girl 1: We saw you guys on the show last night.
    Girl 2: It was coool.
    Reese and Malcolm have those far out dreamy expressions.
    Malcolm(to camera): This has to be the best moment of my life! I hope Reese doesn't screw it up.....
    Reese: Yeah.Thanks. At least we dont suck like any of you anymore.
    The girls get nasty looks and storm off. Malcolm turns to Reese, who still has that stupid grin on his face. Malcolm is pissed.
    Malcolm: You have to be the biggest DUMBASS who ever lived.
    Reese: You think Im the biggest? I have to get that in the record book.....
    Malcolm rolls his eyes. They all walk into the main school hall. While they walk, Chris accidently bumps into the "cool" guy, Bill Bofins.
    Bill: Hey punk!
    He grabs Chris and throws him to the ground.
    Bill: What you think you doing? Bumping into me?
    Chris: Sorry!
    Bill gets ready to punch him, but Reese steps up.
    Reese: You wanna mess with someone? Mess with me!
    Bill, although he doesn't say it, is scared of Reese. He backs off and walks away with some of his friends.
    Chris: Thanks.
    Reese: Why didn't you do something to him?
    Chris: I..uhh...cant....
    Reese: Fight? HA! Well, dont worry! You have me! If you want, Ill teach you my martial arts, called "Reesetial Arts"!!!!
    Chris: Ummm...okay....
    Reese: Alright then. When we get to the house, meet me in the garage and the training will start.
    Malcolm has that look on his face that this will backfire.
    Malcolm(to camera): Reesetial arts? What in the crap is that? I got a feeling this will take a turn for the worse.....
    At the Middle School......
    Brian has a book and is trying to teach from it.
    Brian: Well, when you congengate the verb, you have to...change it.
    Student: How?
    Brian: Well....you....dont really...its like.."The big dog ran"..you say..."The big dog is running".....
    Student: I get it.
    All the other kids nod in agreement.
    Brian(breathes a sigh of relif): Alright! Good! Thats good....ummm...i am a pretty good teacher....i .....ha. (the bell rings)oops! LUNCH TIME!
    Dewey: Thats only the half bell. And its only 9:30 in the morning.
    Brian: Crap....um....well......ug......hey, forget this grammer stuff, lets start our literature unit! (he throws away the grammer book and goes to his personal bag. He gets out a book) Alright, were gonna start our unit on "The Godfather" by Mario Puzo. Lets begin!
    The kids, including Dewey, all have wide eyes and mouths hanging open.
    Brian: And THATS what happened when Paul betryed Don Corleone. He got his head blown off by Clemenza's shotgun. Questions?
    The class is silent. The bell rings.
    Brian: Opps! See ya next class.
    The class leaves, but they are all still pretty shocked at the part of "Godfather" Brian read to them. Except Dewey.
    Dewey: Cool class! That was great how Paul betrayed the Don by telling the cops where his liqour was, and how Clemenza got that 12 guage and blew his head apart!
    Brian: Thanks, Dewey. (Dewey leaves and Brian leans back in his chair.) HA! I kick ass..... (The chair gives way and he falls back)
    Hal get home and goes to the living room where Peter is.
    Hal: Hey Peter. Ill take ya to that bar now.
    Peter: Okay!
    They get in Hal's car and they go to the bar. Its called the "Silver Drink Pot". Hal and Peter go in and get a beer and a table. They drink and start talking.
    Hal: This Budweiser is really good.
    Peter: Not as good as this Sam Adams I got!
    Hal: Oh yeah? Well, lets order another, except you get Bud and I get the Sam Adams.
    Peter: Okay!
    They each order one and drink it.
    Hal: I guess Sam Adams isn't too bad.
    Peter: Yeah, this Bud is good.
    Hal: I wonder what all the other beers taste like.
    Peter: Yeah.........(They both see the rack behind the bartender that is loaded with all kinds of brands of beers)
    Hal: Lets get another one!
    2 HOURS LATER...
    Hal and Peter are dead drunk. There are beer bottles all over the table.
    Hal: If Batmann were Brusch Waine, then how come he can fli?
    Peter: Batmann doeshnt have shuper powers! Yourrrr thinking abot Aquamann!
    Hal: Aquaman shlepps in fishh pish.
    Peter: HUh! Yeah!(they both do a stupid sounding laugh)
    The bartender guy walks up.
    Bartender: Excuse me, but you two have to leave. Youve been here too long and have drunk way too much.
    Hal: But im not drunkk yeeet....
    Bartender: Yes you are, sir.
    Peter: Come on Dal...
    Hal: Itsh Mal.....
    Peter: Soury...Mal....letsh goo!
    They stumble out of the bar. They go out on the sidewalk and see some guy walking on it.
    Hal: Hey! Tat guysh on our turf!
    Peter: I bet hesh a communisht!
    Hal: Letsh kick hish ash!
    They run after the guy. The guy is running, screaming for his life......
    Chris goes into the garage. Its dark and Reese is standing in the shadow. He has on one of those Chinese silk suits.
    Reese: Are you ready, my young apprentice?
    Chris: Yeah..I guess.
    Reese: From now on, you will call me sensei, or master, or Grand Teacher, or another cool sounding name from a Chinese movie.
    Chris: Okay..I mean...yes, Master!
    Reese: Okay. your first excersise is to....get me a glass of milk.
    Chris runs to the house to get it. Reese gets that stupid look again.
    Reese: Oh yeah! This will rock!
    .................................................. ........................................
    END of Part 8! Hope you liked it. I also hope it wasn't too long. Anyway, please read and REPLY!!!!!! Merry Christmas as well!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 8

    good story, looking forward to #8

    I like how you're keeping the characters consistant with their on-screen personalities. A lot of fanfiction tends to lose any resemblance to the source, your story is keeping the resemblance so far, well done
    Why is he smoking two cigarettes?

    Those are his Eyes!

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