Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!
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Thread: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    After giving it much thought, I have decided to post a fanfiction story about two of Fox's funniest shows... MITM (of course) and Family Guy! When you read it, think of Roger Rabbit (where people/cartoons interact with each other on a daily basis). I will write it in a script type format, like:
    Reese: You suck butt!
    Malcolm: Well, your dumb!
    Get the drift? Okay, lets start!
    .................................................. ...............................................
    It is a cloudy, dark day in the city of Quahog, Rhode Island. Large amounts of rain were expected to be hitting the city. Everyone was advised by the local media to stay put indoors. One family was content with this.......the Griffins!
    (Close up of the house before camera moves inside. The family is sitting in the living room, watching tv. There is a old Frankestien movie on. Peter has a weird look on his face.)
    Peter: Why does he HAVE to have those metal things on his neck?
    Brian: That is where the electricity entered him when the Dr. created him.
    Peter: I bet when he goes to stores and stuff, they say to him "Got screwed!" Get it? HEAHH HA HA AHHAH AHA!(this is that REAL stupid but funny laugh he does)
    Stewie just rolls his eyes.
    Stewie: Yes, yes, very funny, fat ma.....
    (The camera shows the tv screen. a newscaster is on it)
    Newsman: We interrupt your movie with an urgent bulliten! It seems that the rain and clouds are part of a giant hurricane that will slam in to Quahog in about...(checks watch) three minutes?! Well, screw you poor saps, Im outta here!
    (He runs away off the tv screen. The Griffins are all just sitting there.)
    Peter: What should we do right now....oh, yeah....AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Peter panics and starts to run around the room. Chris, his almost as stupid son, joins)
    Lois:Can we PLEASE be calm?! (Peter/Chris stop) We need to pile into the bathroom. Its safe in there!
    Peter: Good thinking, Lois! Alright lets go!
    (The family heads to bathroom and goes inside. It is quite small. Peter shuts the door. The Griffins sit there for a second before Brian smells something.)
    Brian: What the....Peter! Did you fart?!
    Peter: Uh...no........
    Brian: Yes you....
    Peter: Okay, I did!
    Rest of family: UGGHHH!!!!!!!
    (LATER......the family had fallen asleep. Peter wakes up.)
    Peter: I wonder if this hurricane crap is over.
    (Peter opens the bathroom door to find that the bathroom is the only room left standing. The rest of the house, as with everyone on the neighborhood, was leveled to the ground. Lois wakes up next and sees this.)
    Peter: OUR HOUSE!
    Lois: THE STREET!
    Peter: Screw the neighborhood and the street...OUR HOUSE!
    Lois: What are we and the whole neighborhood going to do?!
    Peter: I dont know, Lois....I dont know.......
    (The camera backs away as they stand there, looking at the neighborhood. It is silent until Peter starts giggling.)
    Lois: Did you fart again!!!!
    Peter: HEAHHAHAHAHA...yes.
    END OF CHAPTER ONE............................................
    The rest of the story will take place in the MITM universe. See what happens in the next chapter! Oh, and for a note, absolutely no disrespect was meant to hurricane victims in New Orleans or anywhere else.

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 2

    NOTE: I notice that my other thread (part one) has over 30 views but no replies. Come on people! Please reply! Anyway, I better start chapter 2 now. Here it goes!
    .................................................. .................................................. ....
    (sing along) Yes, no, maybe, I dont know. Can you repeat the question?
    Your not the boss of me now! Your not the boss of me now! Your not the boss of me now and your not so big! Your not the boss of me now! Your not the boss of me now! Your not the boss of me now! And your not so big! Life is unfair..........................
    It is a regular day at the Wilkerson home. The boys are being roused by Lois for school. Even though, since it is a holiday, they only have to go for a couple of hours. Lois is already getting irritated at the school for the hours.
    Lois: What do these people think? Do they believe WE have time to take off of work to pick up our kids? What the he.....
    (Switch to Malcolm, who, along with Dewey and Reese, are coming downstairs.)
    Malcolm: (camera) Mom is really pissed at the school right now. For once, I have to agree with her. Going to school for three hours. Pshh..
    Dewey is the only happy one, as his middle school is closed completely.
    Dewey: Hey mom, I can watch tv all morning, can I?
    Lois: Sure.
    Reese(looking mad): Yeah, rub it in, like Ill rub my fist into your face!
    Dewey: MOM!
    Lois: Reese! Behave yourself!
    Hal runs into the kitchen.
    Hal: I have my big promotion meeting today! Wish me luck!
    Boys: Grumble......
    Lois: Alright! Good luck, honey!
    Hal: Thanks! (they kiss and he rushes out.)
    Lois: Boys, we have to go. Now Dewey, be good here at the house. Ill be here at lunch time.
    Dewey: Okay!
    Malcolm and Reese look pissed of as they head out the door with Lois.
    Dewey: Ahhh! (He walks over to a air gutter and pulls out a hidden cigarette. He also pulls out a lighter. He lights the cig up and starts to smoke it.) Great flavor!
    He turns on the tv while still smoking the cig. There is a Red Cross commercial on.
    Red cross guy: And we beg all Americans to give to the Red Cross in this time of need for the city of Quahog. To help, you can give money or adopt a family for a short amount of time. Call us for info. Tha.......
    Dewey changes the channel. He changes it to Ultimate Power Rangers.
    Dewey: How did I ever like these guys?
    LATER............................................. .......................................
    It is about 11:30. Lois walks in the door while Dewey is spread out on the couch.
    Lois: Hey, Dewey. (she sniffs) Why is there an aroma of....air freshner?
    Dewey: I...uh....it smelled in here.....huh.....so I sprayed some.
    Lois: Huh. Well, go wash up, Ill make some lunch for us.
    Dewey: Okay.
    Dewey rushes to the bathroom. Lois turns the tv on. The red cross is on tv. The commercial is at the begining.
    Red cross: Hello. This is an urgent message from the American Red Cross. We are in dire need of funds for the hurricane relief in Quahog, Rhode Island. So please, please, donate. And, if you desire, you can adopt a family for a little while. This is where you call us, and we let a family in need come stay with you for a while. Call us for more info. Thank you.
    Lois was hooked on the commercial.
    Lois: Those poor people!
    Lois rushes to the phone. She calls the American Red Cross.........
    LATER................ Reese and Malcolm climb in the car, as Lois had come to pick them up. Dewey is there too.
    Lois: Boys, I must tell you something........
    Reese: Is this is a sex ed talk, dont worry, I know ALL about it!
    Lois: No boys, this is about helping people.
    Malcolm: Like me helping Stevie?
    Reese: Like me adjusting a kid's teeth for him with my knuckles?
    Lois: No! Just be quiet! I have decided to do something that none of you, even your father, may not approve of..
    Malcolm: Like what?
    Lois: Welll.............................................
    END of part 2. Tell me what you think PLEASE! I hope you like it thus far, and wait until part 3 for the fun parts to begin! Anyway, please reply this time!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! Part 2

    Well, as a moderator, I have to take a look at all the threads, but I'm afraid I'm not a Family Guy person, so there's not much I have to contribute. I'm sure it's very good though--thanks for sharing!

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    I don't watch family guy either, but the MITM part was good.

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    I liked both parts, but I don't think Dewey is likely to some a cigarette. I think he would know better and if so he is probley more likely to get caught.

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 3

    I hope everyone has enjoyed the other two parts of this story. There are many more chapter to come! Lois reveals the big suprise to the boys!
    .................................................. .................................................
    Lois and the boys were in the car after she picked up Reese and Malcolm from school. Dewey was off that day, but still in the car, since he was forced to ride along to hear the "big suprise".
    Lois: Alright, boys, I wasn't to sure if I wanted to tell you so soon, but I decided to do something for another family.
    Reese: So this isn't about OUR Christmas gifts?
    Lois: Ah..no.
    Reese: Crap.
    Lois: Just be quiet. Anyway, Im sure all of you know about the hurricane that went through Quahog, Rhode Island a few days ago.
    The boys are just sitting there with nondescript looks on their faces, as they did not really care.
    Lois: Well, Dewey was watching tv earlier, and I saw a Red Cross message on tv. It said that the hurricane families need money OR........someplace to stay for a while...
    The boys caught on real quick to the way their mother stressed the words "someplace to stay for a while".
    Malcolm: Mom, youre not saying......
    Lois: Yes. I signed us up with the Red Cross for the "adopt a family program."
    The boys groan VERY loudly.
    Reese: Where do you think they are going to sleep? We have almost no room at all....
    Lois: Reese, I said I signed us up. I dont know if we will even be accepted to adopt a fam...
    Lois cell phone rang that second.
    Lois: Hold on. (She took the phone out of her purse. Since they dont have much money, Lois has an outdated cell phone from 1996.)
    Lois: Hello? Oh hi, Miss Schroder! Yes, we spoke earlier about the adopt a family program! REALLY! Thats great! Thanks! We will be there tommarow! Bye!
    Lois hung the phone up and glanced at the boys. They knew the answer. They were accepted into the program.
    Lois: Now boys, we will make room in the house! Dont worry. And for the record, that couch is big enough for at LEAST two people.
    Malcolm: And who will be sleeping on it?
    Lois: Two of you boys, of course.
    All three of the boys groaned loudly again. Malcolm turned to the camera.
    Malcolm: This sucks! I just know one thing! I DEFINATLEY wont be on that couch! I took that kind of crap a couple years ago when granma lived with us and ALMOST sued us! (it flashes back to that episode, "The Baby", and there are several scenes of Malcolm sleeping in a tent and then being forced to sleep in the car by Francis.) I just cant wait to see how Dad reacts to this.
    They finally arive at Hal's job. They are there for just a minute when he comes out. He looks real happy. Hal gets in the front seat.
    Hal: This has been an EXCELLENT day! I got the promotion which means more mon....
    Lois: I have something to tell you.
    Hal: Now?! (his smile faded. He turned to the boys) What have you done now?
    Lois: It wasn't the boys.
    Hal: That's a first.
    Lois: Let me tell on the ride home......
    TEN MINUTES LATER....... They arrive at home, and Hal's face is clearly white. His smile is LONG gone.
    Hal: And when do we get them?
    Lois: Tommarow. We go to the airport at ten thirty a.m.
    Hal: MMHHHPH! (starts doing his little whining that he sometimes does, and puts his head in his hands.) And where will they sleep?
    Reese: We asked the samething.
    Lois: Ill figure it out. Dont worry.
    Of course, when Lois was going to handle something of that nature, Hal and the boys knew the result would NOT be very pleasing to them.
    Lois: Now when we get inside, I want the ENTIRE house cleaned. Everything! And if you boys dont clean your room, the bathrooms, and the kitchen, I will ground you as you have never been grounded before. It will be the mother of all grounds!
    The boys are mortified.
    All of them: Okay...........
    Lois: Lets get to it.
    They truged in, with the boys knowing the fact that if the house wasn't spotless, they would face utter temporary doom.............................................. .
    END of 3rd chapter. Hope you like it so far! It gets funky in chapter 4, when the Griffins move in! And remember, keep the "Roger Rabbit" type in mind, where real people/cartoons interact on a normal basis. Weird, yes. But fun! (And it suits Malcolm in the Middle!)

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    Default Re: Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    Dewey is a crafty character, though. So he could get away with it. In case you are wondering, I put in the cigarette part because of this past Friday's MITM.

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 4

    NOTE* This is it! The part where the Wilkersons meet the Griffins! Hope it is par with the other chapters thus far. Enjoy!
    .................................................. .................................................. .....
    The Wilkerson family was waiting at the airport for the Griffins to arrive. It was ten in the morning. The Griffins would be there any second. Lois was the only happy and eager of the bunch. Hal was lounging around with a long face. Reese, Malcolm, and Dewey were "acting" behaved on orders from Lois, who warned that one mishap and they would be "severly grounded". Hal starts to grow impatient.
    Hal: Come on, where are they?
    Lois: Just be patient, Hal. They will be here soon.
    Hal: Well, Im hungry, so I want to get something to eat.
    Lois: Let's just wait for the Griffins to get here, and we will all go eat breakfest at the cafe near the entrence.
    Hal: But we dont KNOW these people!
    Lois: Well, this will be an excellent oppurtunity to get to know them! Now be QUIET!
    Hal groaned at for once, felt like the boys. Hal, in a fit of desperation, walked over to the boys, who were sitting on a bench "acting" behaved.
    Hal (whispering): Boys, I thought I would never EVER ask you this, but I need one of your crazy schemes.
    Reese: What do you mean?
    Hal: Look, if we make asses of ourselves, then NO ONE would want to come live with us. And I know one thing for certain. You boys are GREAT at making asses of yourselves. So quick, come up with something!
    Malcolm: Too late. Look at mom.
    Hal turned around to see Lois waving at a family. A family who Hal could tell was DEFINATLY from Quahog.(remember, the Griffins are cartoons, okay? If you dont know that by now, you are an idiot.)
    Lois: Hal! Look! It's them! Look like your excited! Wave! Boys! Wave them over, too!
    The boys, with a groan, got up, and walked to Hal and Lois. Lois was holding up the oversized plaque that read: WELCOME GRIFFINS! The boys put on fake smiles and started to wave. Hal also had a VERY fake smile.
    Hal (between his smile): Well, here it goes!
    Lois (between her smile): Shut up, Hal!
    The Griffins, led by Peter, walked over to them. Along with him was his wife Lois(two Loisis! Lois Wilkerson will be Lois W., and Lois Griffin will be Lois G.) his oldest son, Chris, his daughter, Megan(Meg), his genius, crazy baby Stewie, and the smarter-than-his-owner dog, Brian. Brian was carrying their luggage. He looked pissed.
    Lois W: HI! Welcome!
    Peter: Hey! Im Peter Griffin, and this is my wife, Lois!
    Lois W: Hey! Im Lois, too!
    Lois G: That is pretty neat!
    Peter: And here are my kids, Chris, Meg, and Stewie. This is our dog, Brian.
    Brian: Hi. Its a pleasure.
    The Wilkersons thought a bomb had hit them. They stood stunned.
    Reese: You can talk?!
    Brian: Well, yeah.
    Dewey: Awesome!!!!
    Lois W. is happy. It looked like her boys were ACTUALLY accepting the Griffins...or at least this one family member. Malcolm, on the other hand, was not occupied with Brian. He was looking at Meg. He didn't know why, but he felt attracted to her immediatly. Meg caught his look. She smiled at him. She also felt attracted to Malcolm. Malcolm just smiled back at her.
    Malcolm(to camera): I dont know whats going on. But I like this girl already! Well, her family looks okay too. This might not be so bad!
    Peter: We were wondering if any of you were hungry. Maybe we could all have breakfest here.
    Lois W: Sounds great! There is a cafe near the entrence! Lets go there!
    Peter: Okay! Brian, you got all the luggage?
    Brian(very mad): Yeah, I got all the damn luggage.
    Reese and Dewey thought that Brian was the coolest member of the Griffin family. He was a talking dog who was just like a human.
    Reese: Hey, Mr.Brian, let me and Dewey help you out.
    Brian: Hey, thanks! So youre..
    Reese: Im Reese. Like I said, this is Dewey, and my other brother is Malcolm.
    Brian: Well, thanks for your help.
    Reese and Dewey take some of the luggage off of Brian's arms. They stay behind all the others with him. Malcolm, on the other hand, is walking next to Meg.
    Malcolm: Sooo....youre Meg?
    Meg: Yeah. Youre Malcolm, right?
    Malcolm: Yeah. Uhh.....(he is trying to think of something to say) soo.....we..uh..dont have much room in our house.
    Meg: Im sure we will be fine.
    Malcolm: Well, if you have trouble finding a place to sleep, my bed is always open....
    Meg stares at him.
    Malcolm(catches on fast): I mean....uh....Ill sleep somewhere else.
    Meg smiled. She already liked him.
    Meg: We'll manage.
    Malcom smiled, too.
    Meanwhile, Hal and Peter had started to talk. Hal was actually begining to like this guy.
    Hal: You like Kiss, dont you?
    Peter: Oh yeah! They are the best band ever!
    Hal: That is exactly what I think!
    Peter: Heahhhahehahhah!
    Hal: Heahhaahahha!
    Lois W. and Lois G. are looking at them.
    Lois W: Well, I thought it would take them a while to become friends.
    Lois G: Me too.
    Lois W: Why did you think so?
    Lois G: Well, it just that...your husband seems a bit on the angrier side. I thought that it would hamper their conversations.
    Lois W(she is kinda mad at this comment): Excuse me, but MY husband is nothink like that! Maybe it is Peter who has an "angry side".
    Lois G: Well, excuse ME, but.....
    Lois W: Oh. Here it is.
    They have all arrived at the cafe at the front of the airport. They all proceed inside............................................ ..
    END of chapter 4. Hope you all liked it! The next part, chapter five, there is a "Fiasco" that occurs at the cafe. i wont go into much detail, but just READ IT! Also, as you can see, Lois and Lois are developing a rivalry! Thought that would be a nice twist! Anyway, peace out until next chapter!

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    Default Please read my story Wilkersons, meet the Griffins!

    I started the story a week ago and it only has seven replys but over 100 views. If you read it, reply to it PLEASE!!!! I enjoy writing it for everyone and I am going to work on the next chapter. But PLEASE go read it and post your thoughts!

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    Default Wilkersons, meet the Griffins! part 5

    *NOTE: This is going to be the best chapter so far! Hope you will enjoy it. And if you read it, then for the love of everything that is good on this earth, REPLY!!!! Anywho, lets get to it................................................ .................................................. ..
    The Wilkersons had only know the Griffins for a couple of minutes, but they were already getting into conversations with each other. Reese and Dewey started talking with Brian, the sophisticated talking dog. Malcolm was talking with Megan, the Griffins daughter. Hal had hit it off with Peter. The only ones not getting along were Lois Wilkerson(Lois W.) and Lois Griffin(Lois G.). But soon, they had all arrived at the cafe near the front of the airport.
    Hal: I think this is the place. Right, hon?
    Lois W.: Yeah. (she is still kinda glaring at Lois G. Read last chap. to understand.)
    Peter: Then what are we waiting for? Lets go!
    The two families start to head in. There are two bouncer type guys standing inside the cafe.
    Malcolm: Heres a good table.
    They all go to one real large one. Malcolm sits next to Meg. Peter and Lois G. sit next to each other. Across from them are Hal and Lois W. Chris is sitting next to his parents with Stewie, and Reese and Dewey are sitting across from Brian. Brian puts the luggage beside his chair.
    Brian: I appreciate both of your help.
    Reese: No sweat.
    Dewey: Yeah. So, what are you gonna do here?
    Brian: I dont know, maybe I can get a job tea........
    The two bouncers had walked over.
    Bouncer 1(B1): What is this?
    The others had looked over there.
    Hal: What?
    Bouncer 2(B2): What is HE doing in here?
    The bouncer points to Brian.
    Reese: Yeah. So what?
    B1: Im afraid he is a dog.
    Brian: Well, no shi...
    Malcolm(to camera): This will not end well. I can feel it. And I have a feeling that tells me Reese and Dewey will be involved.
    B2: Im afraid that he will have to leave.
    Everyone at the table starts grumbling EXCEPT Reese and Dewey. Reese jumps up, as does Dewey.
    Reese(yelling): Now wait a minute!
    Malcolm(to camera): Told ya.
    Reese: This is complete crap. What do you think he will do?
    B2: Are you questioning my judgement?
    Dewey: Maybe we are. I bet Mr.Brian is ten times smarter than you, idiot!
    Reese: Yeah!
    The bouncers are both pretty mad, but the second bouncer looks teetotal pissed.
    Reese(leans over to Dewey): You think that was the right thing to do?
    Dewey: Uhh....ye....no.
    Hal: oh, great......
    Reese: No! I bet me and Dewey can take you!
    B2: You think so tough boy?!
    Reese: Yeah!
    B2: ARHHHH!!!!!!!
    The bouncer jumped at Reese. Reese quickly moves sideways, making the bouncer hit a wall behind the table.
    B1: Why you little....!
    The first bouncer jumps at Reese, too. Dewey picked up his chair and whacked the bouncer in the face. Both of them are now on the ground. The families are looking at each other.
    Peter: What should we do right now?
    Hal: Heee..he..RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone leaps up and runs out the cafe door. Reese and Dewey are bolting out, as is Brian.
    Brian: That wasnt neccessary!
    Reese: Yeah it was!(they are all still running)
    Hal: The car is right out here!
    They all get outside to the car. Brian had managed to pick up the Griffin's luggage before they had bolted out the cafe.
    Peter: Hal, we cant all fit in your car!
    Stewie: I have an idea!
    The Wilkersons are all looking at him.
    Lois W.: So the baby can talk too?!
    Stewie: Yes! Yes! Now let me see the car!
    Stewie gets under the car sticks a little microchip up the car. (he had the mircochip in his pocket) The microchip all of a sudden turns the car into a big SUV.
    Wilkerson family: WOW!
    Lois G.: Hurry, lets get outta here!
    Reese happened to turn around and saw the two bouncers running for them.
    Reese: Holy crap!!!! Get in! Get in!
    The families pile into the SUV. Hal is in the driver seat.
    Hal: And were outta here!!!!
    He started up the SUV and sped out of the parking lot down the road. The bouncers stop in the parking lot. They are really mad. Reese and Dewey make faces to them through the window.
    Reese: HA! Eat that!
    Dewey: Yeah! Smell our du..
    Lois W.: BOYS! If I were the two of you, I would NOT be celebrating anything! You both are in for a heck of a punishment!!!!
    Brian: Miss Wilkerson, please dont punish them. They were only trying to help me out. I am sorry for all that. It was my fault.
    Lois W.: Well........I guess I can let the boys off this time. But the both of you better thanks Mr.Brian.
    Reese/Dewey:Thanks!!!!(they are both real relieved.)
    Hal turns to Peter.
    Hal: How about we put on some KISS?
    Peter: Oh yeah!
    Hal puts in a cassette tape of KISS. Hal and Peter are singing with it. Everyone else looks annoyed. Malcolm turns to the camera.
    Malcolm: Well, this was a very interesting first day with the Griffins. And the scary part is......its not even over yet!!!
    .................................................. ..........................................
    End of part 5. Hope you all liked it! The next part will be even BETTER! Please reply if you read! Im begging ya! Anyway, until next time, peace out!

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