Loads of people having been asking about the medals and their criteria, well here they are...

Best Member Award This award is given out annually to the best member in the forum. This is for an entire range of things, including user participation on both our sites. To win this award you must have well over 100 posts and a positive reputation.
Arts & Craft Award This award is given out to any member who has designed any form of exceptional art or craft to do with Malcolm in the Middle. This includes making movies, slideshows, banners, signatures and websites.

Loyality Award This award is given out for loyality towards the forums, and long-term membership. Favours for the administration, advertising us and moderators are likely to have won or win this award.

Official Quiz Award This award is given out to members that have won any of our OFFICIAL Malcolm in the Middle Quizzes or Competitions. Please note that this is not for competitions started by our members, only our administration team.