Lois and Hal are BACK!
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Thread: Lois and Hal are BACK!

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    Default Lois and Hal are BACK!

    Bryan Cranston posted this lovely picture on his Instagram account:
    They're together again!

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    The Netherlands (i.e. 'Holland') ;)


    Thank you for your nice comment! We actually posted this news on our Front Page.

    It's good to read they're both successful on the stage too. Jane recently starred in Eugene O’Neill’s classic play Long Day’s Journey Into Night.

    One review from http://www.stagescenela.com/2017/02/...-into-night-2/

    Jane Kaczmarek is stunning as Mary Tyrone, once fresh and untainted and full of hope and promise but recently released from one of the many sanatoriums she’s spent the past few years in and out of for an affliction danced gingerly about by fellow family members till a day’s worth of whisky finally frees their tongues, though by that point Mary’s ailment has become painfully obvious. (...)
    Jeanie Hackett’s direction brings out the best in each of her cast members, from a towering Alfred Molina’s outwardly blustery, inwardly self-doubting patriarch, to Kaczmarek’s harrowing single-day descent into drug-induced nothingness.
    We have understood that she dyed her hair grey for the play, only to realize she didn't get her original colour back, so she left it that way.

    Jane about Bryan Cranston in 2017 from https://www.broadwayworld.com/los-an...tions-20171005:

    "That guy (Bryan) hasn't changed much. He is a truly good person. You can't find anybody to say anything bad about him. He loves what he does. He loves his wife. He loves his daughter. He's a really happy guy and has maintained the 'Guy from the Valley' sense of priority."
    Really, really nice to hear, right!?


    All the people are so happy now, their heads are caving in.
    I'm glad they are a snowman with protective rubber skin.

    Beiß mein' Schorf, Blasenloch!

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    Yep, this is really great to hear!


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