We Need YOUR Help!
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Thread: We Need YOUR Help!

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    Default We Need YOUR Help!

    Your Passion

    This site has always been driven by passionate users. We are scrappy, dedicated and enjoy ourselves. If you have an idea of how you might be able to contribute, then we want to know. Maybe you want to write news posts, create memes, edit videos, become a forum moderator, upload to our gallery, help with our future redesign or expand our FAQ.

    To express an interest please join our forum and post a thread introducing yourself. Then contact me with how you would like to help.

    Your Donations

    We would truly appreciate any financial help that anyone can afford to give. The site costs over $330 (250) a year to run. If 100 people gave only $5 that would be truly amazing. Any funds over our running costs go towards a future redesign, which I estimate will cost $1300. We hope to fund the site with advertising but it is not covering any costs at the moment.

    For any large donations, I am happy to send some unique Malcolm memorabilia, contact me if you are interested. Small or large donations can be made via the PayPal link below or contact me for another method.

    PayPal Pool

    Need help? Email Me Here

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