Burning Man
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Thread: Burning Man

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    Default Burning Man

    Before I start on the subject, I just wanted to say hey, because I am a new member. I love this show because it was and still is so damn smart and funny. As you can see from my screen name, I love the movie "Scarface".(weird combination, huh? MITM and Scarface?)

    Anyway, did everyone see the Burning man episode? That had to be one of my favorite episodes yet in the whole show! Hal was especially funny while trying to ward off the Burning Man people who thought he was doing performance art. I was suprised at Malcolm, because he said at the end he had a bad time, yet he had sex (we presume) with that woman who was there. Tell me what all of you think about this one!

    (one more question....a new episode was supposed to be on earlier. But it was one of the damn baseball games instead. when will we see the other new episodes?)

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    Default Re: Burning Man

    Welcolm to the forums tony_montana. Have fun reading and posting.

    See below for Burning Man discussion:

    Game 4 of the "World" Series (stupid, stupid name!) is next Wed, so I guess we could possibly see a new ep as early as next Friday.
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    Default Re: Burning Man

    Burning man was the beginning of season 7 (the birth of the 7th season!!) and it looked a cool episode and i wanna see the ep!! It looks funny if you know what i mean!!
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    Default Re: Burning Man

    I loved this episode! OMG such a classic it'll have to go in my top ten list!
    Dewey: Are you really gonna put up a formation of flying zombies
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