So just now as of tonight August 30th 2016 (hopefully longer) I just discovered (in my case) an emergency way to watch Malcolm in the Middle for surprisingly free with as far as I can tell there are; no ads, credit card requirements, buffering issues, audio problems, or resolution issues seems to be a bit better than 480p resolution but not HD like advertised all seven seasons are available on this website called Watch Movies Online Free 123 Movies: Here's the link

I hope that the show is playable on this website at least for a little while but be quick to watch and I haven't tried it but you can also download episodes too. Don't know if it will work for everybody but like I briefly mentioned I only tried a few minutes of some random episodes and the quality is still better than other free websites. But if your desperate you might get lucky.

P.S: I use Netflix to watch MITM so I don't plan on using the website much unless Netflix drops the show which would stink because the quality's a bit better on Netflix. Good luck to everyone who tries and let me know how it went for you.

P.S.S: Oh and if your curious yes this is what I do sometimes with my spare time looking around the internet for random MITM info and such. Again good luck and let me know! Sorry for the long post just wanted to get this out there.