Check out this new show on Netflix.
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Thread: Check out this new show on Netflix.

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    Default Check out this new show on Netflix.

    So just recently Netflix has released a new TV series in the US and other countries called Stranger Things. I just recently finished watching it about 2 hours ago (at the Time of this post 11:27 PM EST), and it is a fantastic show; great storyline, characters, 80's nostalgia among other great things! If anyone is interested in a new show to watch this should be up their on your list! I've heard of some crazy things that people are doing like finishing the show in one night (there are only 8 episodes so far) and staying up until 6:30 AM!

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    Is anyone watching Season 2? It's so awesome.

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    Off course! Stranger Things this is one of the best series that I have ever seen. Plot is amazing and actors' game is just a passion for eyes! I like this series so much

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