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    Default Hi Guys!

    Hi everyone!! I'm Wildcat. I used to be a very active member and moderator many years ago (Around 2005, 2006, I think?) I was just thinking of this forum and was curious to see if it was still here. I'm so happy that it is and still has recent posts! That goes to show that a great show like MITM never dies. Life happens and I lost touch, but I wanted to check in and say hi to new members and see if any of the old members are still hanging around and what they're up to - Yardgames, TJPeople, RyeBeach and many others whose screen name escapes me right now (sorry!), but I will know if I see them. As for me, I am now a high school teacher and married with kids. Wow, things have really changed, huh? I still love MITM - although I can't seem to find it on syndication. Does anyone know what channel it comes on in the states? Talk to you guys soon.
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