Long time since i posted, I've been watching all of the episodes of Malcolm with my younger brother now i feel as though he's at the right age to enjoy it. I've been looking forward to showing him since he was little and he loves it! We're on Season 7, with 4 episodes to go now.

I also try and get my friends into it and put it on sometimes for us to watch.. They all start to like it and no one ever hasn't.

It's my favourite TV show of all time, ever and so I'll always spread the word when asked about it, it's great when I find people that love it as much as I do..

When I have kids I'm going to sit them down and get them to watch it start to finish (not all at once of course :P), whether they want to or not :P .. I can imagine them thinking like "OMG what is this quality like its not even 4D" or something.. As if I'm showing them black & white haha.

Basically, my point is, I'm going to pass down my love of Malcolm to my kids who will hopefully do the same throughout the generations, and to anyone I can because I know it'll never die.

Anyone else going to show this amazing tv show to their kids? It might even teach them a lesson in life or two haha, (reminds me of hal's wise quotes to Francis when he turns 21). Just a thought anyways.