I was re-watching the series as I usually do. I like to catch the details and some others.

On Season 6 Episode 5 titled "Kitty's Back" there is an error. Dewey's birthday is wrong.

Here me out. I was looking for this episode because I knew Dewey had 2 birthdays in this series.

The one before that is in Season 4 Episode 20 titled "Baby: Part 1". An excellent performance by Erik. That was Dewey's birthday which was in September according to Yardgames


Anyway, Dewey is 10 in Season 4 Episode 20 (timelines September 2003), assuming he is 7 in season aka born in 1993.

The mistake they did is they made his BIRTHDAY PARTY in December 2004. in Season 6 Episode 5 which is wrong, YARDGAMES agrees with me because he doesn't write Dewey's birthday in Season 6.

Season 6 Episode 4 is ---------->Pearl Harbour's day December 7 2004
Season 6 Episode 5 is ------->Dewey's Birthday TOTALLY WRONG
Season 6 Episode 6 is ------->Christmas's Day December 25 2004.