Bad news and (Good news sorta)
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Thread: Bad news and (Good news sorta)

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    Default Bad news and (Good news sorta)

    BAD BAD NEWS, someone flagged my channel for spam.

    I can't believe after my fight with fox which I was winning someone flagged my videos for spam. Apparently I violated YouTube community guidelines

    WHAT ON EARTH, they also thing I cheated by creating views, B!TCH MITM is a great show, no wonder hundreds of people watch. They accuse me of installing "spiders" and some other programs I never heard of.


    Good news/Weird news, they re-instated my 1st channel (Note: My first channel and second channel were REMOVED because I was an idiot) moved on created my third channel and everything went smooth no copyright strikes fox was defeated in every battle gaining thousands of views and suddenly I violated some rules that I didn't violate.

    Some of you will be wondering how the hell did I know my first channel was reinstated, well I kept using that email for other things, I happened to be on YouTube watching some videos and I accidentally signed in and to my surprise, I had to go and acknowledge my mistakes and take a copyright exam which I did.

    I have no interest in pursuing my first channel I have devoted my full attention on my main (3rd) channel. I am fighting YouTube tooth and nail for this bullshit.

    I should try and locate my second channel (cross-fingers)
    Nope it isn't.

    Note this issue is famous, in that it thinks some of the views are fake.
    I'm having the same EXACT ISSUE like this guy

    The worst part of this issue is,
    I am arguing with a YouTube automated machine
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