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Thread: Malcolm in the Middle HQ eps

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    a tv channel where i live has repeated Malcolm in the Middle to death and each time every ep was played in 4:3 pan and scan they are repeating it again and all eps where still 4:3 pan and scan but today they just played S04E01 zoo in widescreen 16:9 i have the dvd copy of this ep downloaded on my computer in vob and the copy played on tv looks way better they broadcast in 720x576 h.264 6000kbps VBR he-aac 128vbr if anybody likes i can rec them and upload them for you because of slow net my upload speed only being 80kb i will have to compress them too

    720x404 x264 1200kbps i will keep original audio
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    I'm interested in it of course. Have you tried the BOXSET that it is being selled worldwide except in America. What are their video quality?


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