Scenes on MITM that made you want to cry?
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Thread: Scenes on MITM that made you want to cry?

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    Default Scenes on MITM that made you want to cry?

    What scenes on MITM were there that almost sorta made you feel like you wanted to cry, either good tears or sad ones?

    For me, some would be:

    The whole ending of first sad tears and then really happy's my favorite episode
    Malcolm's Girlfriend: "I GAVE YOU MY SOUL!!!" Sad ones, big time
    The whole end of Company picnic; Francis being forced to be dragged naked on the ice, everyone but Hal miserable...
    Hal and Lois' dance in Dewey's Dog...really good tears...

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    none the show is too funny if im crying it because im laughing too much

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    Not yet, I'm still at season 4, I will assume the FINAL will make me cry.


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