Some questions about MITM
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Thread: Some questions about MITM

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    Default Some questions about MITM

    So hey guys. So when i was younger back, circa 2005 i used to watch some Mitm on TV however i only got to watch a couple of random episodes. So i've decided to start watching it from Season1 of course.

    Am just posting here to see if there's any decent source to watch it from. Current i'm using this:

    But quality isnt the greatest. Just checking if you know some better places.

    So far season 1 excellent, every episode is so well written and so hilarious.
    However in Season 2 i'm about episode 10 and i've noted that so far it hasn't quite matched season1. In the sense that i was hoping for season 2 to be funnier and even better than S1. So i'm wondering if S1 is the peak of the show?

    Thx for your time ^^ Am glad to see that this site is still active even though show has been over for a long time

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    This site's normally pretty good for TV series, the Gorillavid links tend to be reliable and good quality.

    There was a thread on this forum at one point with download links for all episodes, but I can't find it now.

    Of course, it's best if you buy the DVDs now they've been released (if they're the right region for your player) or use Netflix as they have all the episodes. That'll also guarantee the best quality available.
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