Have you discovered ''Malcom in the Middle'' wiki?
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Thread: Have you discovered ''Malcom in the Middle'' wiki?

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    Thumbs up Have you discovered ''Malcom in the Middle'' wiki?

    Malcom in the middle wiki is an encyclopedia full of facts about Malcom in the Middle. Plus, you can edit it and put in your own facts. http://malcolminthemiddle.wikia.com/...he_Middle_Wiki

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    Thanks! No, it hadn't seen that one yet. For the moment, I think I prefer the Wikipedia entry though, because it looks far better structured, has fewer spelling errors, a better layout and doesn't carry all sorts of annoying ads and banners!

    But of course we don't know what's in store though, it may turn out a better source in the end.

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    The MITM wiki is very similar in content to Wikipedia. There is very little episode-specified info apart from the Episode List which has brief summaries of the episodes which are the same as Wikipedia has.

    With a bit of work it could become quite good, but for now with its lack of content and poor navigation it isn't really that useful.

    and doesn't carry all sorts of annoying ads and banners!
    To avoid the adverts just use Google Chrome with the Adblocker extension. It works a treat.
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    Every time I see, there are more and more shows and TV series with their own subdomain on this site "wikia.com". Does anybody knows who own or write that site?


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