Where does it LOOK like they live?
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Thread: Where does it LOOK like they live?

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    Default Where does it LOOK like they live?

    So I've read through the "Where is the family from/live?" thread, and a lot of the arguments center around license plates, driving distances, etc.

    Those are all great things to spot, but I'd like to approach it from a different angle. So: just based on how the house/neighborhood/city LOOKS, what state do you think the Wilkersons live in?

    Personally, the only state I've lived in have been TX and VA, and I'm pretty sure it's not either of those!

    EDIT: I'm aware that the actual house was located in CA, but since that doesn't seem to match up with clues like driving distances, I'm curious about what other states would "fit".
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    All I know is the family got paid big bucks for the permission to film at that house.


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    It's like Springfield on the Simpsons--it is a vaguely Midwestern town that seems to float around depending on the needs of the writers. I would say they're making it like a Missouri town, maybe Illinois town--someplace that has a typical Middle America look to it. I'd not say Texas or Oklahoma or New Mexico since there are no regional features to identify it more as a town in the West/Southwest than Midwest (versus Bryan Cranston's current series Breaking Bad which is set in, and films in, Albuquerque and throws in lots of reminders that it takes place specifically in New Mexico).

    Maybe the safest answer is "Gererica"!


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