Francis and Piama are really sitcom-y aren't they
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Thread: Francis and Piama are really sitcom-y aren't they

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    Default Francis and Piama are really sitcom-y aren't they

    if you've ever seen sitcoms like ''Fawlty Towers'' or ''Some mothers do 'Ave 'em'', you'll see that lots of sitcoms revolve around a mad married couple. Francis and Piama from ''Malcom in the Middle'' are like that, aren't they?

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    Yes, quarrelling couples are one of the standard themes of situation comedies. I would say though that the prime example of these on MITM are Hal and Lois! With Francis and Piama coming in close second.

    A lot of sitcoms revolve around dysfunctional couples, like the ones you mentioned, Married with Children, Unhappily Ever After, All in the Family, Shameless, The Middle etc.

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