Growing up
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Thread: Growing up

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    Default Growing up

    It is hard to believe this is happening, but tomorrow I will be turning 18. It feels awesome that I have made it this far, but I miss a few things, like getting up early on Saturday morning to watch cartoons, or going to the park to play with old friends.

    I want to know what you miss the most, about your child memories, about what you wish you had back?

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    Happy birthday! Turning 18 is a big deal, you're officially a grown up now. (as said by the 25 year old who still watches cartoons & plays video games. )

    I do miss a lot. Watching malcom in the middle on tv. Listening to Michael Jackson lp's with my sister. (she was a big fan and I kind of took over her MJ stuff over the years)
    Watching cartoons which were not dubbed in Dutch; the original English Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck and Tom & Jerry cartoons on tv. Bassie & Adriaan, a show about a clown and acrobat which was immensly popular here when I grew up. Building tents with the neighborhood kids on the grass in front of our house.
    Highschool in general, I just loved the social mood. It was tough and amazing at the same time.
    What I miss most is playing with my older cousins & the general silliness. It just all shifts slowly. My cousins have young kids now and those kids look up to me the same way I looked up to my cousins in the past. I think that is amazing.

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    Even as I am still in high school, I know what you mean. I reminisce way too much. I miss things like waking up at 5:00 Christmas morning, playing in the snow, playgrounds, etc. I have to remind myself that my life isn't at its end and appreciate the here and now haha
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