BBC2 -- I think all but one or two episodes suffer from the frame dupe problem, although I suppose if you can get into it properly, you stop noticing.
The quality of the first season isn't the best imo (I reckon the contrast is off a bit) and considering all the goofs that are visible due to the additional side space, I personally would favor the Region 1 set.
I haven't noticed this problem in season 2 so far, but like I mentioned earlier some episodes do still have the TV PG logos at the beginning, although the visual quality is superior to Season 1.

Cap N Crunch -- I think you've misunderstood my posts, but all seasons are being officially released on DVD in the UK, from Fabulous Films. So the ones I have are not pirate copies, bootlegs, counterfeits or fakes of any kind, but official, factory pressed licensed releases from sources superior to TV or the internet. They are made by a DVD company to be sold in retailers, not by individuals for the black market.