MITM reunion episode . . What if
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Thread: MITM reunion episode . . What if

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    Woot! MITM reunion episode . . What if

    What if MITM decided to do a reunion episode and they got all the cast and crew back together to do one final one hour long episode. What do you think would happen???

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    Francis and Piama would be the new Hal and Lois, I bet.

    Reese would probably still be the same dumbarse janitor, but highly adorable, like before. Hopefully he's an item with Craig and they live together with loads of cats.

    I'd love Malcolm to have failed at everything... his constant arrogance was beyond annoying and I would love it if he got knocked down a few pegs!

    Dewey... now, as weird as this may sound, I always thought he was highly intelligent. I could see him being enrolled in higher education.

    Jamie and the other child would probably be up to no good, along with the children Francis and Piama may have had.

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    I agree that Fancis and Piama kind a like the new Hal and Lois.

    Malcolm has made it uo to a very goog job, maybe lawyer or something like that. looking forward to become president.

    Reese still lives together with craig. This is a hilarious constelation i think.

    Dewey and Jamie are still at home and keep going making their parents go crazy, maybe together with the kids of francis.

    In this reunion episode they all come together again, first everybody tells of their lifes and then malcolm, reese, dewey... make something really childish and stupid again. So it will end up like a "normal" episode. This depicts that somehow nothing really changed, even though they grew up.


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