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Thread: subtitles season 5

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    Post subtitles season 5

    hi there!
    I'm new in the formun and i have registered here because i need subtitles for season 5 of MITM...
    I have subtitles for season 1 to 4, 6 and 7 but i need subtitles for season 5...
    I searched everywere but the only thing i found was polish asubtitles...
    I'm from argentina (i speak spanish) so if the subtitles are in spanish, it would be better. Anyway, i understand english perfectly.
    Thank You,

    PS: Sorry for my english
    PS2: if someone understand polish and can traduce them to english, it would be great!!!

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    There is already a subtitles thread here, but there aren't many available. There are also transcripts here, but again there aren't many for Season 5.

    Google's probably your best bet, or you could try:

    Quote Originally Posted by tjpeople View Post
    Just found which seems to be auto-subbing Malcolm, could be very handy for creating quick transcripts Amigo. The search on LiveDash isn't great, searching "Malcolm in the Middle" doesn't seem to find everything.

    Google finds loads!

    Only bad thing is that they include the ad breaks, and there are typos.
    (from the transcript thread)
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