Malcolm's coming to the IFC Network
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Thread: Malcolm's coming to the IFC Network

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    Default Malcolm's coming to the IFC Network

    Along with Malcolm being on TeenNick in the US (which they have been doing a better job I think), the show is going to be televised on IFC with back to back episodes at 6pm & 11:30pm ET starting 9/26/11, 5 nights a week. I honestly think that this is a great fit also because the show stood differently from any sitcoms without featuring the laugh track & each episode was kind of like a mini feature in a way. IFC also has the old FOX show "Arrested Development".

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    I'm so happy about this. I'm a huge Malcolm in the Middle fan. It's one of my favorite shows. I love watching it on TeenNick, I think they treat it well. But, who knows how long it will be there. Viacom seems to let shows come and go, even if they have the rights to them. IFC will be a great backup location for Malcolm in the Middle.

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    Well, they now have back to back episodes from 6:00pm and 11:30pm. [The 6:00 is a repeat of the previous night's 11:30]. And i have no idea if it has something to do with how IFC's a premium channel [you have to pay extra for that], but unlike what we've seen on the regular stripped edits, episodes are untinkered with [except for an additional break near the end]. But life is sweet again with Malcolm on Netflix and IFC. Maybe it could go the way of "Arrested Development" and do a reunion movie.

    And yes, it's my first post in almost two years. I know, I'm a horrible person....and I gotta update my sig.

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    Yeah that's the only thing about TeenNick - They cut out either the theme song or the part before the theme song.


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