Hal's Girl/Dating advice episode
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Thread: Hal's Girl/Dating advice episode

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    Question Hal's Girl/Dating advice episode

    Hello fellow MitM fans,

    There was an episode where Hal gave girl advice to all 3 sons at the same time. He did it by using dolls (or toys) -- and the crux of the advice was to not be a loser (like he was during his dating days) and smother the girl. It was a hilarious scene. I've looked on YouTube for it but could not readily find it. Does anybody know which episode this scene occurred in? Or better yet, know of a video clip on the internet where it can be re-watched? If I can get the episode title I can rent the appropriate CD from Netflix.


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    That scene is from Season 1, Episode 12, Cheerleader.

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    Default thanks

    cool thanks -- glad to hear it is season 1 -- that is the only season available on DVD. Thanks, -Tom.

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