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Thread: Received an Email today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by admin
    Yeah, i mean regardless of whether it being fake or not, and I think it probably is real, but there is nothing to loose.

    If I put a starburst advert on or not, it doesn't matter - if they don't pay up, I'll take it off again... simple as that. If they do pay, but arent the mitm sponsor, that doesn't matter either - they've paid us, so thier our sponsor
    Well to check it is real, maybe you could ask them to pay the first month in advance, just to comfirm that it isn't a scam. But even if you dont, and you put the ads up and they don't pay, you haven't really lost anything.

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    How it coming along with Starburst?, David did you hear anything about it yet? I'm just curious...
    The jerk formerly known as J.

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    I haven't heard much back from them yet, I suspect that the person who I am negotiating with is on Holiday currently for Easter, If nothing happens at the end of the week, I'll send a repeat email.

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