That's a great quote Sothe52!

It's actually from 6x02 -- Busey's Run Away (about 2 minutes in), when Hal has lost his job, has just been told he didn't get the job he interviewed for and is trying to convince Lois advertising would be a great new career for him.

Lois: "Hal, you have no experience in advertising."
Hal: "I'm a natural! Little jingles are constantly popping into my head."
[I just love how Bryan delivers that line -- clicking his fingers too many times!]
Hal: "Wham bam thank you jam! Who's gonna love it? Your family am!"
Hal: "Banana skin. It's so nice and thin. There's no better way to keep your banana in."
Lois: "Hal..."
Hal: "Newspaper! Keeping track of your neighbourhood raper!"
Lois: "Hal!"
Hal: "I'm sorry Lois, I just feel so useless sitting around the house all day doing nothing."
A funny scene for sure.