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Thread: Favourite Quotes

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    Thanks, that episode was okay, until Reese said that line...I just couldn't stop laughing.

    Malcolm(to Lois):You can't ban Christmas!!!!!!
    Reese:Yeah!!!! This is the last year Dewey'll believe in Santa!!!!.

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    Yeah, that was really funny - afterwards Malcolm should have said something like "It's already been discovered, Reese. It's called green"

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    Aw, that would spoil his fun!
    you wanna follow the laws of man?
    bloody apron, leg of lamb.
    it's so hard to win...
    when there's so much to lose.

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    Aw man I remember all of the ones you guys mentioned!

    So funny!

    I can't think of any right now, but I will post some later :P

    Reese: *at the mailman"
    Hey! What are you doing here? This is our territory! You can't just come here! What do you want, huh? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? WHAT!? WHAT?! WHAT! WHAT? WHAT! WHAT?

    Reese:What do you want I didn't do anything?
    Hal: Kobe
    Reese: What?
    Hal: Kobe beef. I have Kobe beef!
    Reese: What no way. Those things cost like $60 an ounce!
    Hal: I know. There was a minesweeper tournament at work. 8 years of practicing finally paid off!
    Reese: Wow... It's like meeting the pope, except you get to eat him.

    Hal: ...yes.. yes!!YESSSSS!! I BEAT YOU! I FINALLY BEAT YOU IN A VIDEO GAME WA-HOO! and you said-
    Malcolm: Dad, dad! The point of video golf is to the the lowest score possible
    Hal: Oh... Well, good game son.
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    Reese:Hey what am I thinking right now?
    Malcolm: I'm smart not psychic!
    Dewey: Can you talk to dogs?
    Malcolm: No. I can't speak dog...
    Dewey: I can

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    oh man...I have like 2000 faves! But off the top of my head:

    REESE: Malcolm, I live in a world of ''what the hell''s.
    (I think it's from Malcolm Visits College.)

    MALCOLM: Dewey. The coolest person in that class..was me.
    DEWEY: Okay, I'll do it!
    (Dewey's Special Class)

    REESE: (holding a hammer) Then I played with Dewey's GameBoy...

    MALCOLM: (showing off his newly pierced tongue) And you know why I did this? Neither do I.
    (Ida's Boyfriend)

    STEVIE: Can't feel...my legs.
    MALCOLM: ...That's not funny.

    STEVIE: Good...game.
    MALCOLM: This...sucks.
    STEVIE: You...mocking me?
    MALCOLM: No...tired.

    MALCOLM: (to Stevie) So, what can you do? I mean, what d'you wanna do?

    CAROLINE: Where's my credit card?.
    REESE: It fell out of your wallet.
    CAROLINE: How did that happen, it was...
    REESE: Come on, let's go.
    (Home Alone 4)

    FRANCIS: Guys, I appreciate your sentiment...but they're not going to decide my whole future based on how I act on one weekend. It's too arbituary, it's...unreasonable.
    MALCOLM: It's Mom.
    FRANCIS: Okay let's clean up.
    (Home Alone 4)

    MALCOLM: Can I have some?
    STEVIE: Can't. It's a...prescription...sandwich.
    MALCOLM: Prescription sandwich? Stevie, that's not even a good lie! If you don't want to share, just say so.
    STEVIE: Don't want...to share.
    (Francis Escapes)

    REESE: He's cute. I hate him for being cute.

    HERBIE: I didn't want to tell you this, Dewey, but if you don't buy me... You'll die.
    (Hmm. This is the first one I'm not sure on. Typical. Shame, maybe?)

    And of course the two from my signature
    (I've done all these from memory so they could be misquoted or I wrote the wrong episode. If so, sorry!)
    That's not a flying chocolate maker.
    (Dewey in Halloween Approximately)

    It's not lying if what you're saying would be true if the facts were different. (Hal in Tiki Lounge)

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    anyone remember egg from 'Funeral'?

    Dewey: His name is Egg.
    Hal: Egg?
    Dewey: I named him.
    Lois: Well you can't keep him, he needs to go home.
    Dewey: Okay.

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    I really liked when they were in the Malcolm vs Reese episode and there were lots of cats and... some other things into Craig`s house.
    Dewey: Who`s Jellybean?
    Hal: Oh, that`s another challenge. We`ll make 3 piles. Probably not Jellybean, Definetely not Jellybean and... not even a cat. We will start with that opposum.
    Dewey: I think we should call mum.
    Hal: I was hoping you`ll say that

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabsy View Post
    anyone remember egg from 'Funeral'?

    Dewey: His name is Egg.
    Hal: Egg?
    Dewey: I named him.
    Lois: Well you can't keep him, he needs to go home.
    Dewey: Okay.

    Still one of my favourites!

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    Thumbs down Only one I remember, haven't seen MitM in a long time.

    I don't remember the name of the episode, and someone already quoted part of it, here it is...

    Haltrying to prove to Malcom he can advertise) (picks up banana skin from trash can) Ba,naaaaana skins, they're niiiiiiiice and thin, the best thing to put your banana in!
    Malcom: Dad-
    Hal: (holds up jar of jam) Wam, bam, thank you jam, who's gonna love it? yo family am!!
    Malcom: Dad!
    Hal: (holds up newspaper) neeeeewspaper, keepin' track of your neighborhood raper!

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