[aimage=left]tnmm419.jpg[/aimage](andPOP) - Actor Frankie Muniz, who has played Malcolm on the sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle" for the past 6 seasons, may see an end to that role in mid-July, he told MTV.
"If people are still watching it and still want more, we'll keep doing it. The only thing is with our show, it's not the kind that can continue on forever, and I think I'd rather have a great end rather than them telling us not to come back because nobody is watching, you know? I want to go out on a really good note," Muniz told MTV.com.

But of course, all this couldn't go down without Muniz promoting his upcoming low-budget horror flick, "Stay Alive," due out next spring.

The flick is about a group of New Orleans teens who are video game enthusiasts and their real life mirrors that of a video game.

"Every time one of us dies in the game, we die the same way in real life and there's no way to stop it. It's crazy," Muniz said.

Muniz will star as the stereotypical video gamer nerd, Swink Sylvania. He's really smart but decides to play video games for his life.

At the end when everyone dies, he is one of the last ones left, and "he kind of goes berserk and freaks out," Muniz said.

Co-starring in the film will be Samaire Armstrong ("The O.C."), Sophia Bush ("One Tree Hill"), Adam Goldberg ("Dazed and Confused") and Jon Kosler ("The Door in the Floor").

And if "Malcolm" does end in the parade of sitcoms gone by as expected, and "Stay Alive" bombs, well, there may be some solace for the 19-year-old star...

As of late, Muniz now calls a mysterious New Orleans woman his fiancee, whom he met on set of "Stay Alive", according to People magazine.

Wow... how long you want to bet it will be before this relationship is chucked in the can too?