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Thread: Other MITM forums

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    Default Other MITM forums

    Thought I'd start a thread for members to list any other MITM discussion forums you know of for everyone interested.

    Starting with the 3 everyone already knows about:

    TV Tome

    And I just discovered today that TKTV (similar site to TV Tome) also has a discussion board.

    Any others?

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    Default Re: Other MITM forums

    I think most of them are a bit dead when it comes to disccusion, but i think that there is

    Malcolm Mittendrin (German)
    Malcolm Forums (French)

    Still up and running, Malcolm Mittendrin certainly has an english section, but its rarely used, I would only recommend it if you actully speak German.

    The French Malcolm Forums, don't have an English section, so again, I would only recommend it if you actually speak French

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