Arrested Development = Best Show Ever!
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Thread: Arrested Development = Best Show Ever!

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    Default Arrested Development = Best Show Ever!

    Malcolm in the Middle was really good, but AD had no competitors it's simply a series that surpasses all.

    AD did not have a lot of audience due to FOX bad marketing and well, people wanted obvious scenes to laugh but instead AD brought intelligent comedy which they disliked because they couldn't be bothered to search for them.

    I'm glad FOX at least released it on DVD, and it was shown on 720p HD too (HDNet).

    It's really sad such amazing series got cancelled, but hey, the movie is coming.

    It still had 2 full seasons and a 3rd with 13 episodes which isn't bad at all, but more would've been nice.

    If you like Will Arnett and David Cross on the same series then check these other series: Running Wilde and The Increasingly Bad Decisions of Todd Margaret.

    TIBDoTM is really getting on my nerves, Todd (David Cross) doesn't stop for a second and think of all the mistake he's committing while his "assistant" (good for nothing) Dave gets him into more trouble.

    Spoiler for Arrested Development:
    The part that Todd gives the fake cash (Pounds) to Wilts would've been funny if the series hadn't been so negative. I feel so bad for Todd's bad decisions.

    He shouldn't have accepted to come into a foreign country. His life is ruined nonetheless.
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    I don't think so that Arrested Development is best show. There are some very good tv series running these days like Walking Dead, Glee, Two and a half men..


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