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Thread: Recent Twitter Message?

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    Default Recent Twitter Message?

    Hey Frankie Muniz just recently twittered

    "Great day today. I think I'll stop my plans to move to Australia now."

    Huh was he going to move to Australia? And whats his message actualy pointing out (Did he ever say he was going to move to Australia) (I live in Australia) But I want to know what he means.

    Thanks... (Unknown stranger that may answer my question.)

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    I think he was referring to the results of the mid-term elections in the US. I'm actually not sure whether he was being (semi)-serious or sarcastic, though, or what he was referring to specifically (regional or national results). To clarify, I don't think he was serious about moving to Australia, but I'm not sure whether he really was happy or not about the political news yesterday.

    His girlfriend Elycia Marie also tweeted this -- "What a GREAT day for America.... ", which also strongly suggests that they were talking about politics.

    For future reference, here's the link to Frankie's original tweet.


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