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    I'm starting to watch MitM sequentially, over again, and just tonight got to Krelboyne Picnic. Watching Caroline (Malcolm's early "Krelboyne Class" teacher) reminded me of how wonderfully supportive and sweet - if a bit kooky - she was while she was included. It finally hit me that she was almost a sort of female, adult foil to Malcolm's own personality, and also acted as somewhat of a screen for the episode's lessons to be projected onto in a way that retained comedic value.

    What do you think? Although I love Mr. Herkabe for his presence, Caroline stands out in S1-2 and I almost wish she had more prominent roles.

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    I think even though she was a bit odd she was a positive influence on her students what with her sportiveness and all. However I also think that the way she ran the class left her students even more prone to ridicule and more likely to be ostracized. I loved the episode where there was a scene in between her and Lois. It would have been cool if she came back for a guest appearance in a later episode. I'd love to see what would happen if her and Herkabe met... Maybe I should write it. (I started a thread about Herkabe, but sadly no-one has responded. I felt someone should respond to yours.)

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    I think Caroline is a really interesting character. Her personality is the antithesis of most of the characters in the show: Malcolm, Reese and Lois are all 'strong' -- they are unafraid to speak their minds and do things even in the face of unpleasant consequences (albeit perhaps for different reasons). Caroline represents the flip side of that, at a time when Hal's character hasn't yet fully developed into the role of the prominent 'sensitive' character. She's a really important character to give the show that balance.

    Also, the very fact that Malcolm initially resists her influence and his being in the Krelboyne class, but later comes to accept both (in 'Krelboyne Picnic') is really important to bringing the series forward from that initial storyline of Malcolm and his new Krelboyne identity, and allowing the show to grow and move forward to other issues.

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    Very interesting insights. I especially liked the idea of having Caroline and Herkabe meet. I also loved Peter's points about her personality, etc. It's quite true that if not for Caroline, Malcolm may never have raised above the Krelboyne "state of mind".


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