Craig's a scammer!
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Thread: Craig's a scammer!

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    Default Craig's a scammer!

    On episode "Casino" from Season 2, while Francis went home Craig went to visit 'em and they had this talk..

    Francis: "Did you hack into an airline reservation ticket website?"
    Craig "That's illegal"

    It's funny because what Craig done was a scam, ripping another person with fake information and stealing their goods is illegal.

    What were they thinking when they wrote this?

    That was like the Nigerian scammers, fooling people and stealing their money. Damn scammers! -.-"

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    I don't think the illegality really matters - it's not like we haven't seen worse stunts from other characters. Although I think it was done a bit too bluntly for how sweet Craig has been portrayed as, it's still very much in his character. He can do something totally creepy and wrong, and it's rendered innocuous by the fact that we can't stop loving him.


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