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    Default Nathan Barnatt

    I've been a fan of Nathan Barnatt for a while now, and I just checked his IMDb page and his resume has MITM on it.

    After a quick search I was unable to find what he had to do with the show. Anyone have an idea?
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    Interesting, I never knew he was on MITM. I'm going to message him on youtube about it

    edit:I asked him and this is what he said:

    "it was a long time ago and not a big part. i rode a scooter in and looked at a girl with gum in her hair then pointed at her. it was nothing really."

    I don't remember this part
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    Haha, can't believe I didn't think to just PM him on one of the sites he's on. ^__^

    Anyway, that's interesting. I don't recall anything like that either. Then again, I haven't watched the show in a while.

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    He is referring to "Lois Strikes Back", where Lois puts gum in the bike helmet of one of the girls involved in the pig date prank.


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