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    Default Ideas for New Pages

    I guess I'll be stringing together some related interviews as on thread.

    This really belongs in the Suggestions and Site Development section, but it's relevant in the light of the anniversary, to make this site more attractive and easier to navigate.

    There are some things that don't really go with the topicality of this site's blog format. Sometimes, you just need to keep permanent, thematically and/or chronologically ordered links to stuff like:

    • Series introduction
    • Character bios ("Hal is Lois' henpecked husband. He's a total fanatic about all sorts of sports, which, in his mind, he would still love to indulge in as if he was the same age as his sons" etc.)
    • Cast and crew bios ("Bryan Cranston plays Hal....")
    • Informative interviews/chats with cast and crew, or choice quotes from them on certain topics.
    • Illuminating, well-written critical reviews of the series (by us or from professional sources).
    • Season previews, official ones from Fox or from other media/our own making.
    • News which isn't just topical, but more permanent in the sense that it sheds light on certain scriptwriting, scheduling or casting decisions etc.
    • Soundtrack and song listings.

    Some of this could be part of the FAQ, which needs to be corrected and spruced up anyway. This way, essential background information on the series doesn't slide out of sight and gets more or less lost in the process, and we don't have to answer the same questions all over again ("What song is played when Malcolm drives the car .....", "What is the name of the actor who plays Stevie?" , "Who is Linwood Boomer" etc.)

    I know the recreating Episode Guide from the broken down source involves a lot of work, but, for the moment, we could provide links to existing guides (like the excellent song listings) or at least include brief summaries to give it less of a crude, unattended appearance.

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