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Thread: Malcolm in the Middle iPhone News App

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    Default Malcolm in the Middle iPhone News App

    i am trying to make a malcolm in the middle news app for
    iphone/ipod touch and am i allowed to put your news feed in it
    its coming from the front page of the site (AND ITS HASENT BEEN UPDATED THERE LATLEY (about 3 months)) someone should update it so can i add that in it and also does anyone know of any good malcolm in them middle sites with a news feed.

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    An iPhone app would be awesome, currently if you add a link from Safari to the homescreen you get a custom icon see the screen shot below.

    Your welcome to use any content from the site as long as you respect our Creative Commons licence. Which basically allows anybody to use the content as long as they don't profit from it, so the app you make would have to be free.

    I'm currently the only person who does the news and I don't have much spare time currently, lets says its a new years resolution to do more?

    We are the only dedicated source for news (in English), you could pull in a Google News feed, but they tend to be full of non-related news as well.
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    thanks i will make it free if it gets done...
    and so far i have made the malcolm in the middle vc feed in it your facebook feed in it ... i found a feed which has some epesode information in it and i have 2 feeds for youtube with malcolm in the middle results...

    EDIT: sorry but i really dont want to pay for publishing this app so im not going to do it sorry
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    Cool! You could call it the unofficial Malcolm in the Middle app. You could use the mitm title screen logo as the symbol. What I would also to see is a MITMVC mobile Iphone app like a concentrated mobile version of the site adapted especially for iPhone or iPod touch. Plus you could add video and the podcast that could get started( I am sure this podcast has been talked about and we could make it work )

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    sorry but i really dont want to pay for publishing this app so im not going to do it sorry!!! im so sorry maby another guy will come along and make one even better than mine well mine was alright but anyway sorry


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