Another old 2000 interview with Justin and Frankie!
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Thread: Another old 2000 interview with Justin and Frankie!

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    Default Another old 2000 interview with Justin and Frankie!

    On June 15, 2000, the site of clothes store Abercrombie & Fitch ran an exclusive interview with Justin and Frankie in their Lifestyle Quarterly Review:

    From the archive:


    Let's face it, Sunday nights can be guilt-ridden for those of us who have reason, and a solid comedy to distract you is the perfect remedy. Fox's Malcolm in the Middle fits the bill, and anyone who's seen the show knows why. Focusing on the tribulations of a 14-year-old genius and his surreal suburban family life, it's arguably the funniest new comedy in years, boasting a laugh-out-loud cast, sharp writing and the courage not to use a laugh track. A&F contributor Bryan Anderson caught up with our favorite little brothers Frankie Muniz (Malcolm) and Justin Berfield (Reese), who pulled themselves away from a game of Crazy Taxi to give him their views of the show, the fans and being teenage celebrities.

    So have your friends treated you differently since Malcolm's success?
    Justin: My true friends don't. They just say, "Oh, cool!" But some kids I don't even know come up to me and say, "I'm your friend. Remember me?"

    Are they that shameless?
    Justin: Yeah, they'll act like we've known each other for years.
    Frankie: I can tell who my true friends are. But most people are normal to me, because they know I'm just a normal person. They say, "Wow, I see your show on Sunday!" but that's it.

    Have you lost any friends due to competition or jealousy?
    Frankie: I haven't been back home since it first aired, so I don't know if it's gonna change. But I just made some new friends here at the bowling alley!

    You bowl?
    Justin: Yeah! I can bowl a 190.

    Get outta here!
    Justin: (laughs) With bumpers.

    So what's it like going to a public place like a bowling alley? Do you already have fans chasing you?
    Frankie: Well, we were in the bowling alley the other day waiting for our names to be called when these kids came up to us and asked if we wanted to bowl with them. They were really cool. It's not so bad being famous.

    Has fame allowed you to do stuff you would not have been able to do otherwise?
    Frankie: It's been a dream since I started to be in magazines like SuperTeen.

    Why don't we keep that one under wraps. Let's talk about the show. Do you see any similarities between you and your characters?
    Frankie: Truthfully, I hadn't read the script before auditioning. But once I was there, I just put myself in his shoes and reacted the way I'd react in a situation like that. So yeah, I think Malcolm is me. I'm just saying his words.

    What do you think when you read the scripts?
    Frankie: They're all hilarious. I mean, you laugh out loud just reading it, before seeing what it's going to be like.
    Justin: I read the script in the car right after receiving it and sometimes I start cracking up. My mom looks at me like I'm retarded.

    Do you ever think to yourself, Damn, I wish I had some more lines!
    Justin: Nah, it's pretty even. One episode is about the family, another about Malcolm, the next about Francis.... It evens itself out.

    I hit a nerve.
    Frankie: I take what comes. If I have one line, I'll do that one line. That's all I get.

    What about Stevie, the crippled kid played by Craig Lamar Traylor?
    Frankie: In the beginning, Linwood [Malcolm's creator] said they weren't gonna bring him back. But he's really, really funny, and since then he's had a part in every script. He's always like, "I know you suck!"

    There's a scene in the pilot where your mom is running around the house with her shirt off. She had her breasts covered, I assume?
    Justin: (laughs) Yeah. We weren't there for that.

    Figures. So what other comedies do you like? What makes you laugh?
    Frankie: I like anything where people bust their heads open. Ha ha. I'm just kidding!
    Justin: I like anything where someone gets beat up.

    Have you ever gotten beat up?
    Both: No!
    Frankie: I've gotten punched once. I threw this kid's basketball down the hill, and he punched me, but he was 3,000 pounds, so it didn't hurt... it was all like blubber.

    Sweet nothings. Tell us about your mom. Does she ever embarrass you?
    Justin: I hate when my mom notices if a fan recognizes me from afar. She taps me on my shoulder and then points at them so I can see.

    And what about the fans? Do you get a lot of fan mail?
    Frankie: Yeah, e-mail. As soon as I log on, people who have me on their buddy list I.M. me, and before you know it, I have 20 messages that I'm trying to respond to. Eventually I get frustrated and log off.
    Justin: I just ignore everybody.

    Fans obviously mean a lot. Any strange e-mails?
    Frankie: One girl didn't believe it was me, and so she gave me her number and told me to call her. Instead I gave her my hotel number and she called me. After I answered she started screaming and acting crazy. It was pretty funny.

    Bryan Anderson was once a 14-year-old genius who wishes he never got into investment banking. Malcolm cast members (from left) Chris Masterson, Frankie Muniz and Justin Berfield photographed by John Scott.

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    I hadn't read that article in years. Great find, Rich.


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