Dewey Wilkerson
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Thread: Dewey Wilkerson

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    Default Dewey Wilkerson

    As you can most likely tell from my username, my favorite character by far is Dewy. He is funny and generally adorable, as well as smart. I don't think I'm the only one who's has been touched by Dewy's anntics.

    (This is totally off topic, but; Did you know that Malcolm, Lois, Hal, Reese, Francis, and Dewy's, not to mention Jamie's, last names are Wilkerson? Kinda of a neat thing to know. :P)

    But yeah <3

    Discuss, whatever.

    ~Shion Himirai

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    Welcome Shion, we hope you enjoy your stay

    By the way its Dewey, not Dewy.
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    Awww, Dewey. What an awesome little kid he was.

    Iím not sure that MITM knew where they were going with him Ė at times he seemed to show signs of being quite intelligent. He also had his great musical talent like when he was home alone every day after school for a while until his brothers got back; he spent that time learning how to play the piano! And of course, his Opera.

    Then he had his thing with animals. The goldfish, Charlie? The class hamster, the dog that he used to torture Mal, Reese and Craig, and probably some other creatures that I canít remember right now.

    Letís be fair though, all he really had was being the youngest, as he pointed out himself. Francis being the oldest, Reese the bully, Malcolm the geek, and Dewey the youngest one. Only for Jamie to come along and make him the second youngest.

    He was so great though. Dewey often displayed an obvious love for his brothers, he always seemed to be the most caring one.

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