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Thread: Hal distraction intro episode

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    Default Hal distraction intro episode


    There is an episode of malcolm in the middle i remember which starts of in the 1st minute by showing hal doing some housework but then getting distracted by one thing in turn after another which in turn distracts him to another.

    I can't remember exactly but it was like for example he was doing work on something in the garage, then something he was using to do that would break, to he had to fix that but in the process of doing that he'd spill something so he'd have to sort that, but in the process of doing that something else went wrong that he had to deal with so he ended up in the end getting nothing done all day! Infact i think he may have broken his thumb or something by the end of it all! lol - This was all shown in the space of 30 seconds or so.

    Unfortunately i cant remember anything else about the episode, but i have always remembered that scene as apart from being comedy genious, in many ways i think it actually reflects the story of my life! lol. I would just love to know what episode it was from so i can go about seeing if i can get a clip of it or a copy of the episode in question.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome Nostalgic, we hope you enjoy your stay.

    The episode is 3x06 - Health Scare, check out here for a download.
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    Thanks for the welcome, aswell as the quick and concise reply!


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