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Thread: New Fantastic Four Images

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    Yeah, did anyone see the movie?

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    Apr 2005

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    not yet, no. Like I said, I'll probably rent it a couple of months from now and then think it's not good b/c the special effect would be meaningless.
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    I saw the movie. It was better than Hulk or Daredevil (thats easy, I guess), but it was a bit too... well, fantastic, and childish.
    I think the villain lacks something, I dunno, it wasnt a great villain. And a great villain is an important thing if you wanna make a good superhero movie.

    So, its just ok.
    "I am Malcolm"

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    I thought the movie was great, i agree they didnt handle doom very well. They just made him some greedy sob. He wasnt very deep, hes deep in the comics though. I got the game a couple of a days ago and it is extremely boring.

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