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Well, as we have a video gallery over at Malcolm France, if you would like, Rich, you could send me what you have stored on your computer and I could upload them on Malcolm France.

We already have some stuff here.
Wow, Tyno, that's an offer that's damn hard to refuse! Great, thanks a lot! Sorry for the late reply, I really should check back here more often, but when I do, I concentrate on the picture Gallery, so you see. I think I'll have a little more time right now than I used to have.

Anyway, I see what I can get together and will contact you in time. I see you even do your nifty little sous-titres sometimes! C'est chouette!

Are there any format restrictions? Can you upload straight Flash, or should it be in one of the more regular digital movie formats, like mpg, mp4 or avi? I think I have some flash from earlier web downloads.