What age rating is malcom in the middle?
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Thread: What age rating is malcom in the middle?

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    Question What age rating is malcom in the middle?

    just wondering, what age rating is malcom in the middle. I know all the DVD's are 12s but I have seen episodes where PG is written in a corner of the screen. Are the individual episodes PG, or are they rated PG by the TV company but not the DVD company?

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    Good question! And a warm welcome to you by the way! . Well, it depends on the country, some being more lenient or just more careless than others, and on the themes or certain scenes in specific episodes. I think most of them were 'PG' on their original airing in the US, with some being rated 'TV-14'.

    See this thread for more observations:


    I think all the episodes on the current British DVDs have been labelled 12 to be on the safe side and in accordance with BBFC ratings (British Board of Film Classification).

    I think their description of '12' fits the bill very well as far as MITM is concerned:

    "Films under this category can contain mature themes, discrimination, soft drugs, moderate swear words, infrequent strong language and moderate violence, sex references and nudity. Sexual activity may be briefly and discreetly portrayed. Sexual violence may be implied or briefly indicated."

    From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British...Classification
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