Do you think we are the only senient species in the Galaxy (by that, i mean, are we the only species that can fly in space?)? Do you think we are prepared to meet them if they were to come to us? Do you think we will come to them, or will they come to us?

I would like to ask these questions to you guys, and hope to attract some sci-fi fans not really posting to post.

I think we are not alone. a mathamatical theroy proved that there are about 10,000 Earth-like planets (Earth-like is water, air, heat, dirt) that is possibly 10,000 other civilizations in our galaxy alone. There are millions of other galaxys in our universe. trillions of planets that could be Earth-like in one way or another.

We are not prepared for a large scale encounter with aliens. We must stop being Americans, Germans, English, French, and every other country in the world. We must be Earthlings, Terrans, Humans, the name doesn't matter. What matters is that we need to unify as a planet to go to another star system. Wouldn't it be cool to be in a binary star system(we think that our star system is binary, but the second star is out by pluto, and burned out to a brown dawrf, or a dead star.) with 4 moons and 32 hour days? That is why I think we should unify as a planet.

And finally, I think at this way we are in life, with countries and territories and such, they will come to us. NASA is sucked dry wit hundreds of projects other countries couldn't do, Russia is kinda poor when it comes to space, and the ESA is there, but strugling none-the-less.

Who's with me to declare a unified planet?