The Three Item challenge
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Thread: The Three Item challenge

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    Default The Three Item challenge

    Ok some may think this is like the clues,/quotes quizzes, but the idea is someone chooses an episode, and thinks of Three items that are individually or collectively unique to that episode, possibly make a cryptic clue involving them items for the next person to guess.

    Please try to justify your answers.

    Ok here's Mine:
    ''On the To-DO list;
    -Eat some Pizza.
    -Drive to the Mall.''

    Ok fire away.

    Craig: I wanted the one with the dolphins
    Reese: Dolphins are gay
    Craig: Dolphins can kill sharks
    Reese: Gay men can kill sharks but theyre still gay.

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    hahahah, mine:

    - cut my hair
    - buy new clothes


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