Ads on MITMVC for Fake DVD Sites - Report Them
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Thread: Ads on MITMVC for Fake DVD Sites - Report Them

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    Default Ads on MITMVC for Fake DVD Sites - Report Them

    As I'm sure you will notice we run Google ads on the site, which help to cover the costs of running the site.

    The ads that come up are automatic and not approved prior to appearing.

    A popular ad that appears is for one of the many sites with different domains, but by the same people, that offer fake complete sets of MITM DVDs.

    As it says in our FAQ - these sites are run by scammers and the DVDs are fakes, which you may not even receive.

    I hate the fact that we might in some way be supporting such sites and some users may see the ads on our site as a sign that they are OK to use.

    I am able to block certain domains and stop the ads. However as these sites have many domains and they keep adding new ones, its not possible for me to block them all in one. Also different ads come up depending on your location.

    That's why I need your help, if you see an ad for these fake DVDs, take note of the domain (in blue) and PM me.

    Thanks for your help.

    Banned Sites List [Updated: May 31, 2010]

    Don't visit or purchase anything from these sites!
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