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Thread: Watch Frankie Muniz in 'Extreme Movie' [DVD Release]

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    I'm kind of loath to admit it, as I usually hate stuff like this, but I actually found that scene pretty funny. NEXT LEVEL!!!!

    I have zero desire to sit through the rest of the film, but as a 5 minute skit, that worked.

    TJ: The viral marketing thing would just be another way of cutting costs, instead of making a full blown trailer. It's just cheaper to produce little virals like that and then hope that consumers spread them around. Thus consumers market the product for you; enabling the people who are paid to market the film to sit around doing sweet f.a. whilst pretending they are being innovative.

    EDIT: Just had a watch of aforementioned viral marketing; laughing at STD's, hmmm, that's.... tasteless. It's meant to be of course, but still. Also, I notice they got as far as Hepatitis then stopped. Obviously jokes about AIDS would just be sick, but Hepatitis, Syphilis, that's fine? Am I the only one who thinks there's some pretty twisted logic at work here? The whole thing leaves a pretty bad taste if I'm honest.
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    Well, so the movie may have been kind of a dud but Frankie certainly showed he was willing to go to the NEXT LEVEL on film compared to what he had done in Malcolm.

    First level!

    next level!

    That's enough levels unless you want to become an adult entertainer!

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    Default Frankie Muniz in Extreme Movie [HQ]

    Please enjoy this scene, I watched the whole film and this is more about teen sex and stuff, Frankie only appears on that scene.
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