So yeah... the olympics. =)
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Thread: So yeah... the olympics. =)

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    Woot! So yeah... the olympics. =)

    The Beijing Olympics everyone! So what's your favorite event, people, or whatever you like (or dislike) about the Olympics!

    I love basketball. The All-American team was shweeeeeeet. Like all the biggest names in the US. But I didn't get to see whether they won or lost, because my sleeping mechanism doesn't let me stay up that late XD

    I hated how they presented Taiwan in the opening ceremonies. I mean, a country is a place with its own government and boundaries. So therefore, Taiwan is a country, and should not have been called "Chinese Taipei". Ahh but this is just me ranting into Asian politics ^^:thumbup1:

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    What do you get when a shark loves a dolphin?

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    Smog. Tracking devices. Lead medals. Rain. Cameras. "Hospitality Squads" and claims of cheating by using technology developed by NASA which other countries can't afford. And another thing I liked about the Olympics was the distraction Russia gave to all those people who love crying about China's human rights record and Tibet.
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    Cool ...

    Thats Random.
    I <3 Malcolm In The Middle :thumbup1:

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