[aimage=left]frankie4.gif[/aimage]Channel 4 is showing a repeat of the "Punk'd" episode with Frankie Muniz. In this episode Ashton distracts Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz while his accomplice Dax Shepard steals Frankie's $250,000 car. Justin Timberlake has a visit from the repo man, who claim he owes $900,000 in back taxes, and Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson, Ray Liotta, Christina Aguilera, Denise Richards, Tori Amos, Christina Applegate and Pierce Brosnan are among the celebrities who receive the Punk'd treatment on the red carpet.


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COMEDY: Punk'd
Channel: Channel 4
Date: Sunday 12th June 2005
Time: 04:25 to 04:55
Duration: 30 minutes.
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