Flashback to season 6, episode 4. Jessica manipulates Lois into taking the boys to see a musical called "Mamma Mia!" According to Lois,
They take all those old ABBA songs like Dancing Queen and Fernando, and stick some story in between.
And the story is basically a woman's daughter, about to wed and knowing about her multiple trysts, brings 3 of her old flames in hopes of finding one of them her dad.

Well, now the movie's coming out. So, here's an idea. Anyone who's seen the play, anyone who's gonna see the movie and go, I want a kind of fan fiction of how the family would react as audience members seeing the play. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be - let your imagination write the story! Let's just give you some reminders.

  • Jessica makes Malcolm and Reese think that the other's gay.
  • Hal's bitter because Dewey's writing his essay on Lois because Hal wouldn't take his paper of lies.
  • Dewey's unimpressed because of the same 3 chords over and over.
  • And Lois and Jess are just happy seeing it.
  • Oh, and the seats are partially obstructed.

So, go out and see it, start writing if you know the play rundown, and have fun!