Why so late??
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Thread: Why so late??

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    Default Why so late??

    Hi all. Not been on here for a while. I hope all is well!

    In UK, the BBC are showing MITM season 5 in the early hours on Friday mornings. I don't understand their decision to do that - The last episodes were shown at 00:10 and 00:35 ending at after 01:00am. Why?

    I mean, there is no sex, no violence or even bad language in the episodes, yet it is on far later than the watershed time of 9pm. When the BBC first aired MITM, it was regarded as a children's show and was shown at around 6pm - after CBBC shows but still at a time where younger viewers would actually watch it.

    Are some of the episodes in season 5 obscene in any way? Or could it perhaps be what I think; not about content at all but a sticking it into their schedules as an afterthought?.

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    I have no idea about BBC scheduling, but I would say as the seasons go along it becomes a bit more risque'. Not just because the kids grow up, but with Lois and Hal as well.

    Except for the fact that a kid is the title character, I have no idea how anyone could look at the pilot and thought it was just a kids show. Just the pilot has Lois and Hal both naked, Malcolm swearing with as much as you can get away with on public TV, fighting, and all kinds of jokes and references kids would never understand. I would suggest whoever thought it was kids show...the show went over thier head.

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    Hal and Lois are also both naked in "Carnival", and Hal is at the end of the cold open of High School Play.

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    Unfortunately the BBC see it as an afterthought and are trying to fill the schedul e and please non sky fans so they can at least say its on. Realllyyy random timeslot though. I can't see them getting seasons 6 and 7- sky kind of owns it now and people have waited so long they may have lost interest.


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